Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plentiful Pachyderms!

Another beautiful sunset at Buffelshoek Dam

Hello All and Welcome back to our Blog. As is with the bush, time moves on and before you know it 2 more days have passed!

Marc has come back from leave and started off with a Fireside Chat with Herman on Wednesday night. He regailed us about his 2 weeks off and how much fun he had and where he went and Herman updated him on what has been happening around camp for the last 2 weeks. I was directing for the chat and everybody seemed very happy to have Marc back and I'm sure are waiting with baited breath for his first drive out in the concession again.

The builders are continuing with the final control building and I am still posting pictures in my New Final Control Building album on Facebook. So if you are still wanting to follow up on the progress there please log on and have a look. When I post new pictures they come out as a new published post so you should hopefully see them. The competition ends of Friday so I hope everyone that wants to enter has or hopefully will soon.

Siphiwe is also back from maternity leave and happy to be sitting in the waterhole cam seat catching up with everyone!

We also had a special Fireside chat on Tuesday night inbetween drives with Will and Caroline where they discussed topics relating to the technical side of what is going on at the moment with such as what is happening with the second vehicle we will be getting, new fibre optic cables, the new final control building, cameras, HD and more. Hopefully we are all more informed now about what to expect for the near future!

An Elephant Bull trailing behind a breeding herd on Cheetah Cutline
The sightings for the last 2 days have also been wonderful with many animals, lots of birds and insects too. We have seen Mixo and Induna quite a bit together as well playing around our camp and the staff village. We are all really enjoying spending so much time with them! Tara and Alex went out on Tuesday night for the night drive and got temporarily disorientated without a 'navigator' who knows the area well on board but they found their way back home to the delight of us all!

Wednesday morning myself and Jared went out and found throughout the morning about 4 different herds of elephants of which one sighting was with a bull who only had half a trunk! The elephant sightings continued into the afternoon with Tara and Herman who also got a great sighting of some strained interaction with a Hyena and one of Karula's boys.

Watching an Elephant Bull on Cheetah Cutline

So all in all, a fantastic 2 days again. Chat soon everyone! Kath.


  1. this was my frist time and i just wanted you to know it was done very well and very inforitive

  2. i was on here this morning and there was no female she was with them yesterday but she left thought you would want to know

  3. being so full would that hinder them in a fight?