Monday, March 1, 2010

A brand new day for

Welcome to the new Blog page from all of us working at at Djuma in the Sabi Sands.
At the fireside chat with Graham the night before last, he introduced the viewers to the team that will make up

We have started this blog separately to the main website to keep viewers updated on game drives and goings on at
Just a quick introduction of the team to follow on from the fireside chat last night:

The new CEO of Safari TV is William Fox.

The on the ground team starts off with:
Caroline Samuels has joined us as Producer and will be looking after everyone at camp.
Marc is still with the team as Presenter/ Cameraman and Director.
Herman is also still with the team as Cameraman and Director.
Jared Glasson joins as the Head Presenter as well as Cameraman.
As well as Kathryn Louw who will be working as Cameraman/ Director and Relief Producer.
Patrick stays with us as Presenter / Cameraman and Director.
Tara Pirie will be joining as Presenter and Cameraman the middle of March.
Peter is still with the team as technical support.
And Alex Voz has joined us as the editor for

The daily Blog will be linked to Safari Channel on Facebook.
The future for is exciting and we are looking forward to sharing it all with you in this new medium.
We will be Blogging every second day to keep everyone updated on what has happened – from day drives to night drives, fireside chats and much more.

So if you would like some light reading during the day then this is the place to be.

Chat to you soon.
(Picture by Kathryn)


  1. Is Rex staying? I see no mention of him on the staff list.

  2. Hi, just a suggestion, how about waiting until the fireside chat to post things that will need to be explained, such as Rexon and "head presenter, so we can avoid everyone asking questions just to be told to wait until the next fireside chat?
    I'm sure it would make life easier for the folks in FC and those of us out here who hold this project as special.

  3. Where is Sipiwe too? She is wonderful in FCC and always finds the animals at Gowrie. I hope you still have Rexon. He has more knowledge than several of the others combined.

  4. Art, Because the fireside chat was already, and WE viewers were told that the crew was going to stay with the additions. Rexon has been there the longest now that Pieter has left. I'm thinking the changes may not be the best for us that love it the way it it. It seems to me that it will be a lot less personal and wil be more like a TV show. Part of the reson most of us love it is the personal interaction and the "family" feeling. I'm guessing that that is gone now. I've been here since before the first drive... thinking too many changes too quickly. Sometimes change can be a good thing, but not always.

  5. Thanks for the update Kathyrn and welcome to you all!

  6. Boo, I was refering to the fireside chat that's coming up after the today's PM drive- that's the answer we got when we all asked about Rexon today on the WE chat-that there would be another fireside chat to explain things more.