Sunday, March 7, 2010

Building begins

Hello All,

I hope you have had an excellent couple of days.

The last few days have proved to be very fruitful with some fantastic leopard sightings. On Friday mornings drive with Jared and Herman Mixo was resting on the ground when he heard a Spotted Hyena approaching. He jumped into a Marula tree to avoid it and only after the Hyena had sniffed around and skulked off did he venture down from the tree. Jared also found an Ellie Bull in musth which gave him and Herman a bit of a rev.

A little later in the morning Marc was out in his vehicle looking for subject matter for his show later that night when he spotted Mixo. Myself and Herman went out on the Jigga to investigate and managed to go live for you all for a fantastic sighting of him for awhile. It was my first time to go live on camera for you all and I loved every minute of it. (Pictured right is part of the Wild Sage family)

We will be starting soon with the build of the new Final Control which is very exciting. We have the approved plans and it is all looking great. The new building will be next to the Jigga garage which will also be extended into a double garage and will have a big glass window at the one end where the Director will be sitting with a wonderful view of the bush. There will also be a camera so that the viewers can have the same view and will be able to watch the director and all the monitors. It will also have a C.A.R area (Central Apparatus Room) for keeping all the equipment as well the edit suite where Alex will work from. This is where he will be making the highlight clips for all of you to see. The old Final Control will be revamped and will turn into a common room.

In the last few days we have been having some technical problems with ‘al tea’ which is our signal tower. So when there have been black screens on drive and sound issues we have had to reboot the tower to get things going again.

Blue Waxbills seen flitting through trees on drives

During the day we made an exciting discovery at Gowrie Dam in the name of a Baby Hippo. Jared and Marc assume he was born late Thursday night. Baby and mom will be staying at the dam for some time so we hope to see some amazing sightings from them in the weeks to come as he/she grows!

The afternoon drive with Pat and Herman found some more White Rhinos, a rarer sighting of Zebra’s, Warthogs, another Spotted Hyena and to end off a sighting of Karula!

Friday night ended with Marc presenting his reMarcable creatures out of Final Control. Amongst some interesting topics he spoke about the Stalk Eyed Fly, various Spiders and scorpions and spoke about fears and irrationalities relating to them and ended off with some clips of Saseka taken earlier in the day.

Days at camp have been spent cleaning the back of house areas, getting them looking spik and span for all the building to come, and some Jigga maintenance replacing the cameraman chair for a comfier version for us. Hopefully to take all the more better shots with!

Game viewing on Saturday consisted of great viewing of Karula and 3 Hyenas and on the night drive Pat and Jared found and sat with the Kahuma Lionesses for most of the drive. It was really good to see some lion again as well!

Thanks everyone. I hope you are enjoying reading up on our daily goings on with drives and around camp.
Stay posted for the next instalment!

And to anyone that missed a drive or a live event you can go to the archives on and have a look!

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