Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Afternoon everyone!

Welcome back to the blog.
Today I would like to touch on the newest staff members that have joined the team, just to give you an overview of where we have all come from and what we are all about.

Will Fox

Will is originally from the UK and lives in Mpumalanga now with his wife Carol. He comes from a mainly Project Management background. At the moment he is also the Executive Director for the Ingwe Leopard Project which if you would like to know more about, the website is: He is also the Chairman for the Protecting African Wildlife Conservation Trust and this web address is: He is looking forward to what is to come for! Will is truly passionate about conservation and sees himself primarily as a conservationist. He really does believe that virtual tourism is the way forward for conservation and hence this is why he is so involved with so many fantastic projects that are all about this. He is really excited about where is going and how this and his love for conservation are very much intermingled.

Caroline Samuels
When Caroline finished her studies in South Africa, she moved to the UK where she worked for 10 and a half years at a Motor Sports company called Pitlane Productions. In this she did alot of overseas travel for her work as well as many high profile events. Thereafter she came back to South Africa to persue her passion for Wildlife filming where she went to study at the Wildlife Film Academy based in Entabeni Game Reserve. From here she went back to Johannesburg to do some freelancing before being offered the job at She was thrilled to be moving to the bush and to be living her dream, and is here looking forward to the future and loving the bush life already! It has given her the opportunity to move into a field which she has always wanted to work in but feared she didnt have the skills for. But now with she can put her production experience to use and looks forward to the day when the best wildlife channel on the market.
Jared Glasson

Jared started off studying at The Bush Academy for a year to get his Guiding and Lodge Management Diploma. After his studies he moved to Imbali Safari Lodge to start his guiding career. From here he moved back to The Bush Academy to teach many subjects and train new guides. He found a love here of sharing his knowledge with others which only solidified his passion for the bush. He then moved to Singita Kruger National Park to become a Senior Guide. For the next 3 years he also helped as Assistant Head Guide + Relief Head Guide and grew to know the area well. Thereafter he moved to Johannesburg to try an avenue that was different from guiding and to be with Kathryn and started to work for Aquavision as an Assistant Cameraman before moving to At the heart of it, Jared really missed the bush being more of a permanent fixture and not just to visit on occasion, so he is so happy to be back where he feels at home without the traffic of the city.

Kathryn Louw

I started at The Swiss Hotel School in Johannesburg. From there I worked at The Westcliff Hotel still in the city before deciding to move onto lodges in the bush which is where my heart was leading me. I worked at Phinda in the Natal province before moving back to Jo’burg for a break from hospitality. I was there for a year before moving to Singita Kruger National Park to become Assistant Lodge Manager and spent 18 months here. This is where Jared and I met. After my time at Lebombo Lodge I moved back to Jo’burg to pursue my passion for photography where I studied for the next year and started setting up my own freelance photography business called KSL Photography (primarily Wildlife and Landscape photography), which in turn with Jared led me to I wanted to move back the bush because that is where I am happiest - I have grown accustomed to the bush lifestyle and wouldnt trade it for anything. At aside from my photography, I want to really master my cameraman skills as well as spend my time learning the trade of producing.
Alex Voz

Alex comes to after many years in IT profession. After several years of working as IT Manager for Conde Nast, the publishing company that is responsible for many renowned magazines, such asVogue, GQ and Glamour, he decided that this was as far as he was willing to go on this career path. This has been as radical change as any - leaving Moscow for the second time in his life and going straight into the South African bush to pursue his passion for film and love of nature. Despite the fact that he's going to be huddled up in the edit suite or running around plugging in disconnected cables most of the time, he will also spend some time on the jigga behind the camera or directing in the Final Control and looks forward to getting hands on with many other jobs around the camp. Alex will be spending most of his time with Caroline joining production and editing together. He is very happy to be in the bush permanently and to be doing something that is so different from where he was in Moscow. A whole new chapter is about to begin that he is very much looking forward to.
When Tara arrives later on in the month, I will send out a short info Blog on her.
More to follow Ladies and Gents....

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  1. Awesome...thanks for the insight! Looking forward to getting to know them even more. Welcome to Djuma and WildEarth! Sueso