Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot Summer days!

Morning everybody! Hope you are all well and happy!

The heat has come back to the Sabi Sands in full force and for the last couple of days it has been full blown summer all over again. I think some rain would be a welcome relief to cool things down a bit and there are some threatening clouds around during the day but the clouds always stay at bay and we are left with hot balmy weather instead.

One of the Nkuhuma Lionesses on the Kudu kill panting from heat.
We have seen the hyenas again which definitely now makes us wonder whether there is a new den site around or not so we’ll have to see in the next couple of weeks what arises.

The Vervet monkeys in the morning at camp were investigating the fire remnants after Pat and Hermans fireside chat looking for tasty morsels left over from the pap and sauce made the previous night. It is always quite amusing watching monkeys at work and play but they can get quite cheeky especially with us girls.

Me on the back of the Jigga filming.
Thursday morning Pat and Herman saw Mixo sitting in the dead leadwood tree at Gowrie Dam with the 2 Nkuhuma lionesses below walking around the base of the tree. There was some small interaction before they moved off and left Mixo sitting in the tree for another half hour or so. It was fantastic leopard viewing of what they do naturally with him dangling on a branch over the water. The morning also saw Pat and Herman discover a hole whilst off roading but they were soon unstuck and on their way! The rest of the day was spent sitting with Induna and also some rarer Coqui francolins which Jared and myself really enjoyed and ended off on the night drive with a fabulous Puffadder sighting!

There have been some antics around camp in the name of our fridge. It has given up the ghost. So the past few days we have had to make do with a borrowed fridge from a kind friend to make sure our produce stays fresh and cold, especially in this heat. Just one of the many things living out in the bush that you have to deal with. All in a days work!

Friday morning was spent with Karula and the boys reunited again and some serious off roading to keep up with Mixo and Induna hunting quineafowls.

Alex up the mast.
Trying not to fall off, holding the aerial, getting the shot and missing all the Golden Orb spiders on the back really does keep a gal busy. The rest of the day we had signal problems with ‘al tea’ and most of the afternoon was spent up the mast some 40 meters high, trying to sort out the problem.

But Friday night we were all good to go for Caz’s and my Fireside chat where we spoke about Photography and the differences between what we do at with our Sony camera and my still photography. We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the next chat!

And before I say goodbye for today, a short info bit about Tara just to keep us all up to date:

Tara started off studying zoology in the UK where she finished and then decided to come to South Africa to study game ranging 4 years ago. She was then placed at Entabeni to do her work practical and stayed there for a further 3 and a half years getting to know the area exceptionally well. She wanted to move to the Sabi Sands to guide here as at some point in most guides careers as in hers, the Sabi Sands is a fantastic place to experience. She is looking forward to the challenges of being in a new area and getting to know the Sabi Sands and to expand her knowledge. She also wants to promote and raise awareness of nature in the area and generally on a wildlife scale and is excited to be here! Tara’s first drive will be this afternoon at 15H30.

Till next time!

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