Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Summer Days!

Elephant bull at Gowrie dam
Afternoon Folks. Well the weather is really up and down at the moment, it is very hot again in the Sabi Sands but cloudy with chances some days of storms so you never really know what you are going to get as the days go by.

Thursday's drives went well. We all started off in the morning with quite a busy drive with all of us out and about. The purpose of the morning drive was to film for the promotional 30min piece of the 2 vehicles going out together both looking for sightings and cutting inbetween the 2 vehicles. So we were all out looking for sightings and jumping between the 2 teams of Tara and Herman and myself and Jared. Jared and I continued with the rest of drive and saw some great elephants, a crash of 5 white rhino in the beginning and a hyena wallowing in a pan.

Toward the end of the day we started experiencing signal problems with 'al tea' again and sadly the night drive was cut short.

The next day Marc and myself went out in the morning and found Mixo at Gowrie Dam. We spent the morning with him as he slept, hunted mongoose and caught one!, and had some interaction with some baboons who came down to the dam. Because 'al tea' was not 100% we werent able to go out on the afternoon drive so Tara spent that time in Final Control chatting to the viewers. Marc ended off the day with his show of 'remarcable creatures' and spent time on some clips he has taken over the last couple of weeks. Throughout all of this Alex spent the day at the top of the mast trying to sort out the signal for us.
Sunset behind the trees at Buffelshoek Dam
The gents who are digging the trench and laying the fibre optic cable are doing very well and are already halfway with their digging. So they should be on schedule to finish in the next couple of days.

And after a very funny conversation with Marc yesterday morning, we discovered that is wasnt Marc's toothbrush that the monkeys had taken and that his is safe and sound. So whomever the sabotaged toothbrush belongs to I'm sure has discovered it has gone and has made another plan. It is none of ours at camp so it must have belonged to some one else that lives near by.

Herd of elephant walking down Central

Always something to keep you entertained! Enjoy the next couple of days. Kath.

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