Monday, March 8, 2010

How time flies.

Hello Everyone,

As the title suggests – How time flies? So our first week at
is over for the team and none of us can believe how fast the week has gone. So much has happened and all of us have been working hard to learn the ropes to bring to you all. The older members of the team have made life that much easier by teaching us and being patient with us ’newbies’. So all in all I think a successful week was had! Let’s hope there are many more to come.

To start off my first drive on Camera with Marc on Sunday morning, we came across a White Rhino mother and calf which we sat with for a little while whilst the sunrise rays started peeking through in the distance. Through the rest of the drive we found a breeding herd of elephant in some thick bush which we viewed for some time and right at the end found the Kahuma Lionesses again sleeping not far from where they had been left the night before.

Blister/CMR Beetle.

In the morning Baby Hippo and mom were also spotted at Gowrie Dam on the waterhole cam for the first time seen by us out of the water, so that was a highlight for everyone!

Later that evening Jared presented his first Fireside Chat, which as he said afterwards was fairly nerve wracking for him. But all things aside the chat went very well and myself, Marc and Caroline had a say about our highlights for the week and how our first week in the bush had been. Jared also spoke about what he has planned for the future with the rest of the team in terms of training and how he will hopefully be presenting a few other chats over the next couple of weeks as well.

Impala ewe with herd browsing and grazing.
Monday morning was Jared’s and mine first drive together with him Presenting and myself on Camera. It was as always amazing to get out into the concession and about halfway through our drive we found a fantastic smallish breeding herd of Elephants. At one point during our sighting we had 3 members of the herd around our car all within a metre’s distance of the Jigga. You could see every single eyelash on them all! What a fantastic experience.

The building is under way for the new final control. Lots of builders are hard at work mapping out the plans and digging away to get our new quarters up to scratch.

And a few members of the team have also been brushing up on their skills in other areas of camp: Pat and Alex went out with Herman yesterday to practise their cameraman skills for future appearances on the back of the Jigga.

So as the days roll by in the Sabi Sands we hope you are all having as much fun as we are.
Till next time!

Umbrella Thorn - (Acacia Tortillis)

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