Sunday, March 21, 2010

It’s raining Lions and Leopards.

Sunset over Buffelshoek Dam

The last 2 days have been overcast and drizzly but no thunderstorms as of yet! The weather seems to be holding out for us for now.

Dead Leadwood Tree in Buffelshoek Dam
Yesterday saw Patrick out on his first stint as Cameraman. He has been practising for the last week or so to be able to get out there and do something different and so Saturday morning was his camera debut. He seemed to really enjoy doing something a little different and will only get better from here. So we are happy that he is doing well and expanding his horizons.

We also have had a couple of signal hiccups with 'al tea' again in the last few days due to the rain, so Alex climbed up the very high mast again to solve the problem whilst we managed to get some of it on film for you all to see. It was very entertaining for us but quite daunting for Alex having to be up there. But he seems to be right at home after so many trips up to the top of the mast!

There is now somewhat of a competition going on in Djume Djunkies with regards to the new final control building. You need to guess the exact date and length of time the new building will be finished and the competition closes next friday. So get your answers in if you want to enter and you could be a winner. All details on Facebook.

Fridays game drives started off well with Jared and myself wathing some White Rhino that had come down to Gowrie Dam to drink and wallow. Jared also found some Aardvark tracks which he said were a definate highlight for him. This means they are around and hopefully we might see one in the future.

Mixo sleeping at Buffelshoek Dam
Caroline and I hosted our fireside chat on that night with Jess as a guest. Jess is the head chef for Vuyatela and Bush Lodge in Djuma. We spoke about her experiances and what she does in her kitchens and also possible recipes coming our way in the future. We all had fun chatting and will have Jess back again to do some cooking for us hopefully.

Saturday morning with Tara and Patrick found the Styx pride again which was fantastic followed by a great sighting of Karula and Mixo before the end of drive. Myself and Jared went out in the afternoon to find Mixo and Induna at Buffelshoek dam with an interesting interaction with a hyena and we also spent time on the small things like butterflies, grasses, spiders etc which everyone really enjoyed and the night drive saw some White Rhino and Hyena.

Today is also a holiday in South Africa: Human Rights day. So to all in South Africa today we hope you are having a great human rights day and chat to you soon. Kath.

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