Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Luck is on our side

Another wonderful sunset in Djuma Game Reserve
Hello everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the last few days with us. We certainly have had
some great sightings on drive and if you missed any of them by chance then please log onto wildearth.tv and dive into the archives to have a look.

Patrick in the mean time has gone on leave for a week and will be at home relaxing with his family and enjoying some well deserved time off. Marc will also be coming back in the next couple of days after his 2 week leave and is excited to get back into driving and following up on what's happened with all the animals.

Sunday's morning drive didn't get out till 08H00 because of rain delay, we only had drizzle and not a storm but it was enough to delay us till it had stopped. Once we were out we followed up on the Styx pride and found 5 of the lionesses. The PM drive also followed up on the pride and also found Karula with one of her boys later on.

Induna sitting at Buffelshoek Dam
That night we sat with Jared at his fireside chat with Patrick as his guest to discuss some more dangerous game encounters. This time he spoke about Rhino's: White and Black, and Lions. They both gave us past experiences regarding both animals and close encounters they had had with them and we were all riveted to our seats listening to the stories that were being told.

There was a break from the building over the weekend as the builders don't work on Saturday and Sunday. Just to mention to all of you that are entering the Djuma Djunkies competition to consider the couple of extra days that they dont work on to help you with your answer.
The pool at our communal house is getting fixed and we are all getting very excited for when it will be finished. We have a new pool pump that is working over time to get the pool cleaned and with a couple doses of magic (that is chlorine and acid) we can jump in. Caroline has already send out invitations for a pool party happening in the next week or so in anticipation. What a luxury! A sparkling blue pool in the bush!
Cloudy morning on Cheetah Cutline
Monday morning the Styx pride were still around to our delight so Tara and Herman wernt out to follow up and spend some time with them. And in the afternoon it was myself and Jared's turn to go out on the PM drive where we had an amazing start with the pride again. The drive turned into one of the most memorable ones of the month seeing some White Rhino and Elephant as well, followed by 2 Buffalo bulls at Buffelshoek dam and to end it all off one of Karula's boys near camp on the way home. A 'big 5' drive. Not something that happens very often!

All in all, a great 2 days! Join us for the next instalment. Kath.

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