Monday, March 15, 2010

Lost in translation

Panoramic Shot of Quarantine
Thankfully after many days of sticky saturated heat, the rain has finally come back to us. What a welcome relief for us and the animals! We had a fantastic downpour on Saturday afternoon which soaked the ground wonderfully. Although this does present the never ending challenges of going out for drives when it rains, we are definitely not complaining with getting some welcome rain and cooling down of temperatures.
The last couple of days have been challenging with our signal transmitter ‘al tea’ not working. This caused us not to be able to go out on drives on Saturday and Sunday morning further than Gowrie Dam, if at all, without serious signal breakup. So after some connection rewiring and climbing up and down the mast several times and all the back and forth over the last 2 days we have finally managed to get back on track and are out on drives once again!
Jared out on drive viewing some Wildebeest
The waterhole is still a hive of activity with 2 Buffalo’s that are frequenting it every day and wallowing blissfully. The usual general game are also frequent visitors and we are keeping a beady eye on all the youngsters that are around: mom and baby hippo, the White Faced Ducks with ducklings and the Egyptian Geese with their goslings. There was also late night viewing of a leopard chasing the baby hippo with the infrared light on the waterhole cam the other night.
Rexon will be joining us this afternoon / evening for his farewell PM:safari where he will be presenting with Herman on camera. After that he will be hosting a Walala Wasala fireside chat where he will be telling us all about the exciting developments in his village of Dixie and the Manyaleti community, particularly in respect of land rights. We would love you to join us to catch up with Rexon and find out what he’s been up to.
The PM:safari yesterday went out and about looking for all sorts but got washed out with a huge storm that brought lots of welcome rain. Jared hosted his second fireside chat last night and delved into the world of dangerous game. In particular he discussed elephant and leopard viewing with Patrick. Everyone really enjoyed talking about elephants and leopards from a slightly different angle, and we are all looking forward to the next show where Jared will be talking about 2 more dangerous animals.
The Baboons took over from the Vervet Monkeys on Saturday as the camp terrorisers and managed to get into our house’s kitchen. They ate everything they could get their hands on, threw a couple plates around Greek style after a great party and left their mark before leaving with full bellies. What a mess to clean up! Some serious Baboon proofing action will be undertaken!
The Final Control building site on Sunday before the workers hit it hard on Monday.
Well folks, that is all for today.
Hope you have a wonderful few days ahead.
Chat soon.

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