Friday, March 19, 2010

Stormy Weather

Stormy Sunset over Buffelshoek Dam

The rain has come back once again and we have had some fantastic storms in the last couple of days with rumblings and great flashes of lightening all over the sky. And the beautiful colours and clouds that form with them are amazing to watch.

Wednesday morning with Tara and Herman found Mafufanyane, one of the male leopards that has territory in Djuma, and he allowed them to spend a bit of time with him which was fantastic. Once again, not a leopard that many of us have seen yet so we were all very chuffed to get a glimpse.

The afternoon drive, myself and Jared went out in search of some Pachyderms and boy did we find some! Driving from pan to pan in the searing afternoon heat, we found 2 White Rhino wallowing at Treehouse Dam, followed by 2 Buff Bulls at Twin Dams and then followed a herd of Elephant to Buffelshoek dam where they drank and played in the water.

2 White Rhino at Treehouse Dam
A big storm had been brewing the whole afternoon and had made some spectacular clouds. This mixed with the golden light of the late afternoon made for one of the most beautiful sunsets / stormy skies Jared and I have ever seen. We had to race back to camp to miss the storm that ensued after this.

Just before the rain started we managed to squeeze in Herman and Patrick’s fireside chat, where they answered some questions not spoken about last week. They brought in some ladies from the community of Dixie to show us how make traditional pap from scratch which was very interesting and definitely does taste better than shop bought packets of mielie miel. They also spoke about the calabashes and how to drink from them and they have decided on a name for their fireside chat and it is ‘Bayizani’ which means crazy in Shangaan!

Jared has also been organizing for the staff a first aid course from a team based in Hoedspruit. They will be coming out to the camp to do a refresher first aid course with us to make sure we are all trained in first aid, or refreshed, to handle any situations that may arise. Hopefully this will never happen but it is always a good idea to be prepared!

Thursday’s game drives started off with Tara and Herman seeing the Styx pride, whom we haven’t seen in about 3 weeks. They followed them until the lions moved off into an area they couldn’t follow them into. The afternoon and evening drives went out and we managed to see a great herd of elephant with Patrick and at Gowrie Dam all at the same time and an awesome Black Backed Jackal which is quite rare for this area!

The continuation of the building
The building is going well and coming up very quickly. The concrete has been laid and the walls have started materialize and every day you can start more and more to envisage what our new final control is going to look like. It is getting very exciting.

Have a great day and we’ll see you all soon!

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