Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a week for sightings!

Hi everyone!
What a week, we've had so far and is not over yet. Last evenings drama with four leopards and then spotted hyena on one kill was extraordianry and had us allon the edge of our seats.
As most of you will know Jared, Kath and Herman are on leave.
Although Herman is still spending his off time on game drives, last seen with 2 lovely ladies from Bush lodge, head chef Jess and camp manager Anet.

We have had a great start to the week with the majestic elephants! Marc and Jared were being entertained by a young bull, who decided he was going to assert his dominance over them... the problem being he was smaller than jigga! This didn't diminish his spirit in the slightest and continued to charge at them a number of times before giving up. To quote Marc "he's going to be a feisty one when he grows up!" I certainly don't doubt it!

Tuesday's drive brought 2 firsts, one being Caz going out on jigga filming and the second being an all girl crew with me presenting. We had a great chuckle watching the family of dwarf mongoose playing around jigga and as luck would have it we also found Mafufenyne trying to reverse his present state of hunger. Sadly he was too eager and was unsuccessful. Both of us had to contain the excitment that rippled through us as he walked passed jigga less than half a metre away.

The new final control is looking more like a place of work instead of a building site, well the outside at least. With a new coat of paint being applied on Wednesday, it is less imposing on the bush and doors were being hung. Johan was here on Wednesday to lay the fibre optic cable. He has been here before laying the cable for the dam camera I believe.

And the climax being Marc and Alex finding Karula, the 2 boys AND Jordaan with a fresh impala kill. Wow four leopards on one kill!
Just as their bellies were becoming satisfied, 3 hyena interrupted the family feast, causing Mixo to tree himself in a very precarious position. Both myself and Caz were watching the nail biting drama from FC, on the edge of our seats, as I am sure all of you were too. Alex, who generally only sees the footage when editing, was bouncing afterwards, as we all were!

Looking forward to seeing what the next few days bring,
Written by Tara

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