Thursday, March 11, 2010

When it rains it pours.

A small herd of Nyala on Quarantine

Well we are half way through our next week already. My intro for my last blog still stands at How Time flies. That is what I love about the bush is that all days are the same, weeks roll into weekends and vice versa and you are really none the wiser unless you look in your diary. No one measures today by what day tomorrow is and what day the day before was. We all live for the day we are in and love every minute of it.

To start off we are changing the game drive times as of tomorrow. With the seasons changing it is always something that comes around so this is the first round of changing times. So from tomorrow we will be starting with AM drives at 06H00, PM drives at 15H30 and Night drives / FSC to 19H00.

The waterhole has also been buzzing with large amounts of game from Nyala, Impala herds, Warthog families, Elephant herds, the resident Buffalo, Hippos mating and Mom and Baby hippo, Kudus, the Nkuhuma lionesses drinking and the list could go on. So there is always something at the dam to keep us entertained in between drives.

The last couple of days have been a hive of activity with all sorts of sightings on drives. We found the Nkuhuma Lionesses on a Kudu kill where they stayed for a day feeding. They have also stayed around the area since then so our lion viewing has been fantastic and a nice addition for the last few days.

There has also been some great viewing of White Rhinos lately and other Buffalo and recently some hyena activity around the dam with whooping happening at night being picked up on the waterhole cam.

On Wednesday the weather was much hotter than previous days and on the morning drive with myself and Jared, we managed to view an amazing sighting of Karula and her 2 boys for a long while which was amazing for the 2 of us who haven’t viewed 3 leopards together before. There also have been lots of Hyena around and some of the gents are thinking that there might be a new den site being set up somewhere by these individuals.

Karula with her cubs

And last night we sat with Herman and Patrick at the Fireside to talk about some Shangaan traditions and cooking etc and made some pap and sauce on the fire which was very tasty to sample afterwards.

Alex and Caroline drove through to Johannesburg to collect our new Sony Camera which is now up and running. We are so excited and loving the upgrade of equipment and hope you are all too.
So all in all a productive couple of days have been had.
Stick with us for the next few.

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