Monday, March 29, 2010

Wonderful Weekends

Mixo sleeping at Gowrie Dam
Welcome everyone from a much cooler Sabi Sands. It is so nice to have a couple of days where the heat has subsided and given us some much needed cloudy cool weather. We are all enjoying it!

Camp has been busy busy over the last couple of days with the builders hard at work trying to get Final Control finished. The gents who are digging the trench for the cable to the mast are also metres away from being finished so there is lots of hustle and bustle going on.

Sunrise over Quarantine
There have been plumbers and builders up at the main house as well getting everything ship shape up there for us and the pool is only days away from being sparkling blue hopefully, so we will all get to enjoy it before winter starts to peer round the cornour in a couple months.

Saturday we were still experiencing technical problems with 'al tea'. Jared and I tried to go out in the afternoon to see what was out in the heat but not long after came back to camp without success with bad signal. The day was spent trying to find the problem, going up and down the mast, stripping all connections and rewiring. We spent our time chatting to the viewers out of Final Control and in the evening we took part in Earth Hour from 8H30 t0 9H30 where we switched off the main electricity and sat in darkness listening to the elephants nearby. What better way to spend an evening round a fire in the bush in the dark listening to all the wonderful sounds?!

The elephants have been around camp quite a bit lately walking between Gowrie Dam and us. They spend quite alot of time outside Uri's house where the mast is trying to get to the Marula trees. Unfortunately for them Marula season is about over.

Single Elephant Bull at Gowrie Dam

Sunday morning was also spent in Final Control chatting as the problem was not yet solved but we once again spent the whole day looking at the issue and eventually found the problem! So we went out in the afternoon for our first whole game drive in a day or two and everyone in camp was happy. We saw a fabulous herd of elephant and some white rhino and toward the end of drive watched Induna and Mixo at Gowrie Dam. They played with a dead snake and had an encounter with some hyena and that is where we left them to come back to camp for Jared's fireside chat. Last night he spoke about Buffalo and Hippo and gave some hair raising stories of his past experiences.

I will be going on leave from tomorrow for 2 weeks so Tara will be continuing with the Blog in my absence keeping you all up to date. I hope you all have a fantastic 2 weeks and see you all soon! Kath.

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