Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Moments

Elder female elephant feeding

Hello everyone from a camp with electricity, hopefully for a long while.

As mentioned on my Wednesday Blog, we were without electricity for most of the day due to a scheduled Eskom power cut. Patrick saw the gents that were ‘responsible’ for this electricity cut at the gate on the Wednesday, and it seems they were fixing the transformer there and that is why they had to cut the power off. So all said and done we are hopefully back on track for good.

The electricity only went off around 08h00 on Wednesday morning so this allowed us to get out there for the first 2 hours of game drive which was unexpected and very rewarding. In these 2 hours Jared and Marc saw one of the best sunrises I have seen in awhile over Gowrie Dam and then sat with Karula and Induna for nearly the whole time and were able to witness some amazing leopard interaction spending some much time with them. The power went off later on and they were forced to come back to camp but we had such an amazing time with the 2 leopards in the morning that it was all well worth it.

Wild Aniseed
The power came back on just before 17h00 in the afternoon and Pat and I set off to see what we could find for the last hour of drive. We were very fortunate to find a bull elephant on Zoe’s Road and also got to witness a fantastic sunset and moonrise before we came back to camp. A day full of beautiful skies!

The next morning Marc and Patrick went out to find the leopards again and had all three of them (Karula, Induna and Mixo) playing and socializing together for a long time. They also had another wonderful sunrise early on to start their awesome drive off with. The afternoon drive was a little more subdued and not many animals were seen, but we stopped and looked at trees and flowers, went and saw the crocodile at Buffelshoek Dam and looked at what birds were around the area as well.

Marula Trees
Before we ended off the evening as the Jigga batteries due to not being charged with the power outage, were not 100%, we had a chat with Jared instead of a night drive. A ‘one on one’ spent with Jared getting to know him and asking questions along the way. Jared thoroughly enjoyed it, he said and hopefully you all did too.

So the weather has cleared somewhat, and we are having some lovely sunny days again. Winter is not yet in full swing but has given us a taste of what is to come lately, but we are holding it at bay for now!!

See you all soon. Kath.

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