Sunday, April 18, 2010

Billions of Buffalo!

Hi there everyone,

Well after the special edition Blog that I sent out on Friday, we got alot of great responses to that and seeing the new vehicle. I also sent out one of the pictures onto Facebook of a ‘mystery person’ driving the newbie to camp, asking if anyone could recognize he/she! We got so many ideas of who it could be back.
Thanks so much to everyone for participating in our fun ‘guess who’. As I posted the mystery person was indeed Will Fox driving the vehicle from Lydenberg town to our camp. What a trip in an open vehicle!

The new final control is still coming along and every day we do a little bit more to making it look fantastic. Our gardener is replanting some grasses outside the entrance to make it look more bushy outside and possibly next week will be starting on the little waterhole outside the bay window!

Herd of Buffalo on Gowrie Main
The drives have been going out from Thursday afternoon after Herman got back from Johannesburg with the new cable and spring for the aerial. We spent the day putting the Jigga back together and
getting the signal back to normal and Jared and I were able to go live for a half hour in the afternoon for the first time in a couple of days. That morning Tara spent some time talking about her tracks and signs again and Marc spent time at the dam. The evenin
g drive went out with Tara who spent lots of time talking us through the planets and stars and managed to find Venus, Saturn and Mars.

Friday we were all good to go out and in the morning myself and Jared found a rare single crocodile at Buffelshoek Dam. The first one seen in a very long time and for some of the viewers a first! Great News!! That day we also saw Mixo, 2 White Rhino on the PM drive and in the evening Marc spent some time chatting about his reMarcable creatures: Ants and Spiders.

Saturday we had a great morning drive seeing Karula and Induna with a kill up a tree and then some hyena managing to steal if from them when it fell out of the tree accidentally. The afternoon and evening drives didn’t go out due to signal problems up the mast so Marc and Jared did some chatting in Final Control with the viewers.

Alex managed to get a great photo of a Vervet Monkey staring at us through the door in Final Control yesterday with the rest of his troop. What a change that we felt like the animals in the Zoo being looked at through the glass.

Impalas grazing next to Gowrie Dam
See you all in a couple days’ folks. Kathryn.

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