Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finishing touches!

The changes keep getting better! We now have the new Apple Mac Pro in final control, from which the new broadcasting in HD will take place. All the team are getting their hands dirty and giving the new fc a second coat of paint, while Will and Pete have been busy getting the HD equipment ready to be tested next week. We have also had a delivery of furniture including a desk for Alex and there was no delay in moving the edit suite to final control!

The sightings have been fantastic in the last few days. Patrick and Marc had a great sighting with Induna towards Sandy patch. Induna being caught up in a tree with a large herd of buffalo below him. He eventually worked up enough courage to emerge from his hideout only to be chased off by the breeding herd. This hasn't had any lasting effect on him, a couple of days later Patrick caught up with him and Mixo on night drive, playing at tree house dam.

Marc and myself were, once again, one with the elephants. This time with a huge bull, who decided to test us after his sparing match with a younger male. He towered over us with his trunk on Jigga's bonnet, his tusk between the bull bar and fender. During that very incredible moment in time, he decided we were worthy of his trust and continued on his way.

This will be my last Blog for a while, Kathryn and Jared are back from leave on Tuesday. So I shall say goodbye until next time!

Written by Tara

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