Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Elephants are back!

Sunset on Zoe's Road
Good morning everyone from a chilly camp. The weather is still overcast and cold and no rain has passed through since the other day. There is just a white blanket of clouds hanging above us at the moment. Let’s hope for some better weather in the next couple of days.

Caroline went on leave on Friday so the camp is officially very quiet at the moment with only myself, Jared, Marc, Herman and Patrick around. Patrick and Siphiwe still go home at night to Dixie and Utah so it’s only the 4 of us around camp for dinner – what a change from the bustle of camp we are used to.

We are all so happy to have the Elephants back in our area in full force now. We were all missing seeing them and now there are some large herds to be seen as well as a couple of Bull’s hanging around as well. Yay for the Ellies.

Thursday’s drives went out without a hitch. We had a slight electricity failure in the middle of the morning drive but power returned and we carried on! Patrick started off the drive with a clan of Hyena that had a kill which they followed for awhile – great way to start the drive. They also saw some Elephant and a fighting match between 2 male mongoose. In the afternoon myself and Jared went out and found some White Rhino, an Elephant, some Buffalo at Gowrie Dam and a very short sighting of an unidentified male leopard (we couldn’t see who it was at the time). We were unable to go out on the night drive to the Jigga batteries being depleted so we sat and chatted to everyone in FC for a little while.

Elephant Cow seen around Philimons Dip area.
After having charged up the batteries sufficiently Marc and Jared went out on Friday morning and found a herd of Elephants with some little ones which they spent some time with. The rest of the drive was chilly and not many animals were out and about. Patrick and I went out in the afternoon and spent nearly the whole drive with the same herd of Elephant again. We saw some amazing interaction and behaviour with the little elephants and sub adults. It was probably the best elephant sighting I think I have had. What an experience. Marc then ended off the day with his reMarcable Creatures show which I hope everyone enjoyed!

Otherwise all is well in the land of the camp. Herman is doing very well in Alex’s absence compiling all the dairies for everyone to watch and the rest of us are carrying on with our day to day bits that we do.

See you all in another 2 days and take care. Kath.

Alex filiming the Jigga at Gowrie Dam.

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