Friday, April 16, 2010

Our New Addition

Hello Everyone,

We thought we would do a special 'latest news' Blog today to do a bit of a show and tell of the new vehicle that arrived yesterday evening.

We have a couple of pictures to show you what the great new edition to our 'fleet' looks like!
We have been posing questions over the last week or so to decide on a new name for our addition and have had some great and inventive answers. Hopefully we will come to a name conclusion in the near future so that our vehicle knows its identity and possibly do a competition to see what other names come up and then choose from those as well.

Any idea who the person is driving the vehicle? We mentioned yesterday who was going to be driving it up but can you recognize he/she?

The crew who worked on the new vehicle are pictured here.

They rebuilt the engine, serviced the vehicle, resprayed it green and manufactured the camera mount. The picture below was taken in Lydenberg before the start.

The journey was 250km done at a max speed of about 80km's.

And the other couple of pictures above are on the road from Dixie Village with the 'mystery person driving' and in camp when they arrived.

Hope you enjoy the images and the 'mystery person' driving the vehicle!


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