Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 'powers' that be

Beautiful Clouds at Buffelshoek Dam
Welcome from a very quiet Sabi Sands today.

As there is no power this Wednesday due to Eskom scheduling a power outage we have been without power for most of the day hence a very quiet neighbourhood. Quite peaceful in fact. You become so used to the sounds of electricity that only when there is none, like this, do you sit back and say ‘wow! Listen to how beautifully quiet it is!’

Lantana flower
Yesterday we were also without power for the entire morning till just after lunch. Most of us thought that Eskom had decided to switch off the power a day early but alas that was not the case for today. So we were unable to go out on morning drive so we busied ourselves around camp. It was also in South Africa a public holiday yesterday = Freedom Day. So a belated Happy Freedom Day to all those South Africans out there.

We were able to go out in the afternoon when the power had come back on and Marc and Patrick went out to find some wildlife! The animals were not as enthusiastic as us though and not much was seen, but the two of them still enjoyed getting some fresh air out in the wonderful place we are in.
After drive we had a short celebratory fireside chat to wish Wildearth a very Happy 3rd Birthday! We chatted a bit about how the company got to where it did and how we are all looking forward to what is to come as well. Exciting times it is! After our chat we switched off and made use of the fantastic fire Jared had built and braaied some lamb kebabs and sat and chatted the night away.

Our hopefully resident crocodile at Buffelshoek Dam
The day before we went out on drive and saw some amazing animals. We found Karula for a short while walking around the Quarantine / Zoe’s Road area, we went and spent some time with the Styx Pride females again and also saw some great Elephant. But we were cut short due to rain that had been hovering the whole morning so the gents came back to camp. In the afternoon myself and Patrick went out and relocated the Crocodile at Buffelshoek Dam which we great as he was out of the water sunning himself so we got to get a much better look at him! Other than the crocodile we spent time with the general game roaming around the area.

The last of the evening was spent with Jared summarizing the diaries for the week.
At the moment we haven’t been doing night drives as we have been trying to charge the Jigga batteries to their full capacity and as soon as we do that we are going to try and go out again as soon as the batteries are 100%.

So everyone, another couple of days have passed. See you in a few! Kath.

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