Thursday, April 8, 2010

Safari.TV on the Silver screen.

An exciting huge step for Safari.TV at the start of the week. We were broadcasting game drives live to a cinema in Hyde park, Sandton! Possibly the first time anything like this has ever been tried before. Induna was not fazed by his silver screen debut, neither was the huge tusker Mashangaan who played his part extremely well. It was great the viewers were able to join us behind the scenes for it too!

There have been very heavy thunder storms over the last few days and all the dams are looking replenished ready for the winter! The vegetation also seems to have be revitalised by the late rain, attracting the giraffe and zebra back to the area. Yambilu-Jordaan has also made a brief appearance around Mvubu. Possibly Karula is starting to leave signs for her suitors. You can now subscribe to Safari.TV diary HD as a podcast in iTunes! To do this just search for Safari.TV in iTunes Store.

Marc is searching for a school anywhere in the world, who would like to join us for an hour broadcast each week. We will tailor the hour to tie in as closely as possible with the current curriculum while still maintaining our interactive feature, answering questions from the children all about the nature they will be experiencing live. If there is anyone who would be interested in doing this, please send e-mails to

And finally... the new vehicle is almost completed, ready for the HD kit to be fitted. We can't wait to have both vehicles out and about!

That's all for now, take care until next time,

Written by Tara

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