Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer rains in autumn.

Another Angle on a sunrise at Gowrie Dam
Welcome back from a very rainy and much cooler Djuma Game Reserve and Happy Earth Day everyone!!
The heavens have opened and produced some serious Summer Thunderstorms that are very late coming in the season for us. By this time of the year moving into late April, we should be full into our autumn and generally quite far away from our summer rains. But clearly the weather has other ideas for us. I’m not complaining as the heavy rains only mean more water for the animals through winter and fuller dams for everyone so all is well in the land!

Marc and Myself at Gowrie Dam
Tuesday morning we were unable to go out on drive due to no electricity in the whole area. Around 08H30 the power came back on and we drove down to the dam for a bit of chatting with Marc for a little while. We were ready and rearing to go out in the afternoon but with the weather being a bit cold and miserable the animals weren’t happy to be out so it was more of a drive focused on Tracks, lovely flowers and some general game that were grazing around the Quarantine area. And for a different show in the evening, Will and Jared spoke about Will’s Ingwe Leopard Project and also touched on the new vehicle and what it is all about before the rain came back!

Siphiwe and Patrick are back from leave and look well rested. And some of the rest of the crew are now jet setting off on their holidays. Tara is on leave and spending time at the Ingwe Leopard Project for the next couple of days. Alex is flying home to spend time with his family for his leave and Peter is driving back to Cape Town. Camp is getting quiet!

Impala herd outside Vuyatela Lodge
Wednesday morning after a very big storm the night before was colder and very wet with large puddles everywhere. The animals were hiding and not much was seen but we had a look at some birds and the small things while we hoped the weather would warm up. The afternoon with Jared and myself saw lots of crashes of Rhino and a very quick Elephant sighting and to end off the day Herman and Patrick had their fireside chat with 5 guests where they danced and sang and played the drums round the fire which was a huge success and lots of fun. Hopefully we can do more of the dancing at a later stage in another fireside chat with the Bayizani Boys.

See you again on Saturday. Kath.

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