Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunrise over Gowrie Dam
Welcome from a cooler, rainier and cloudier Sabi Sands.

Jared at Gowrie Dam
It seems at this point with our signal and now with poor Jigga that there is gremlin at hand somewhere – we even have a name for him: Frank. But with all hands on deck from dawn till dusk we are coming right! And with all the new equipment that we now have we will be ready and rearing to go for many a year to come hopefully.

Sunday we weren’t able to go out on our usual drives as we were up the mast again and also at the same time dismantling the Jigga as it wouldn’t start. Jared sped through to Hoedspruit to collect and send through some parts for the Signal and we worked on the Jigga for most of the day. We also whilst working on the Jigga, made a makeshift seat for the new vehicle for us to temporarily use which turned out exceptionally well I think. Tara did her Tracks and Signs at her fireside chat Sunday evening chatting about herbivores and their tracks and some other pieces of dung she had found.
Tara and Herman at Gowrie Dam

Monday morning came around with Will bringing a new Solenoid from Hoedspruit for the Jigga on his way into camp. In the meantime, we sent two vehicles out on drive to see what we could see in the morning. Marc and I went out to the dam in the new vehicle and sat there with a camera viewing what we could see from there. Tara and Herman went out with the Jigga, after having a quick push start, to drive around Quarantine to also have a look. The morning went well and we were all happy to be out and about a bit. We also went out in the evening on a drive with Marc and Herman on the Jigga and Tara did our Safari Highlights in the evening to end the day off.

Alex has been running around camp chasing monkeys and taking more shots – he is getting quite good with sneaking up on them and getting some great ‘in the moment’ shots.

A few of us bumped into Induna, late the night before last, on our way back home and we’ve had tracks of leopard coming through camp in the last couple of days. We think the tracks look like Karula’s boys, once again possibly Induna so there has been great Leopard activity around the lodge/camp area lately.

Stay posted for my next installment in a couple of days everyone!
Till then, take care. Kath.

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