Sunday, April 4, 2010

We have moved!

Hi everyone!

It has been great to have nearly the whole team here at Djuma including Graham, Emily, Will, Carol, Peter and Rexon has been around the last couple of days. The place has been buzzing with the all the activity getting ready for the big move!

It is so exciting to have the new final control building nearing completion. As soon as the morning game drive had finished on Saturday, it was all hands on deck to move all the equipment from the old FC to the new before the afternoon game drive. It was amazing to watch Graham and the guys re-assemble all the parts and get it all working before game drive...

..and wow what a game drive! A wall of Elephants with a dramatic sun set behind! We had found the collard cow that Marc had seen the same time last year. We had been following them for a while, watching a very young bull practicing his warning charges, a cow digging for roots just metres away from us. Suddenly the whole mood changed when 2 young bulls who were sparing disturbed the peace with a cry. The whole herd were suddenly a wall 2-3m away from us, the atmosphere could have been cut with a knife! Very intriguing behaviour!

Induna and Mixo have been in an extremely playful mood these past few days, even Karula was joining in on Sunday. They have been meeting floppy ear's clan a lot recently. There have been a few nail biting moments, when the hyenas have been a metre away from the boys and knowing they are there. It seems when there is no food around, the hyena are quite happy to let sleeping cats lie!

Just to round up, on Thursdays night drive a Serval was spotted! It has rarely been seen and we are hoping it will make an appearance again!
Until next week, take care

Written by Tara

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