Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter is on the way!

The end of Zoe's Road at Sunset
Good Morning all from a very wet and cold Djuma Game Reserve still. Winter is definitely on its way, although the weather is confused with all the rain we are still having.

Saturday morning Jared and Patrick went out in the very cold weather to find some creatures only to be cut short an hour into drive with the Jigga batteries failing on us. So we headed back to camp and put the vehicle on charge for the afternoon. Marc and Myself headed out in the afternoon with full batteries to make up for some lost time and managed to get a whole drive in without any battery issues. We found lots of Rhino (especially a tiny baby only a few months old which was very sweet) and bumped into Karula whilst looking for the Rhino. What a spot of luck. We sat with her for a little while watching her stalk a large male Impala and then left her in peace to continue her evening walkabout. We also saw some great Kudu and Nyala. We didn’t go out on Night Drive as the batteries at this point were depleted so the Jigga was plugged in at camp and Jared spent some time chatting to the viewers in FC for a little while before the day came to an end.

Elephant cow
at very close range
Sunday we woke up to another cloudy and rainy day but managed to get out in the morning with Jared and Marc on drive. A little rain came later in the morning but not enough to make the team come back to camp. They found 3 members of the Styx Pride on Mamba Road and spent the morning with them. What a great find to see the Lions again. The afternoon drive didn’t go out due to heavy drizzle so Patrick sat in FC and chatted to everyone again. The drizzle let up further along and Marc and Patrick jumped onto the Jigga to try and get out for the last remaining half hour of drive but unfortunately didn’t get far as the drizzle started again and they were forced to come back to camp. We ended off the evening with Jared’s Animal Adaptions chat where he looked at various different mammals and discussed their adaptions to the bush. Very interesting!

This is the pregnant Elephant Cow feeding
There will be a power outage on Wednesday for most of the day as per the Electricity Company Eskom. We will be offline from 06H00 AM CAT to 16H00 PM CAT so there will be no drives and no waterhole camera during this time. What we will be doing is going out in the morning at 05H45, to start a drive, just in case the electricity doesn’t go off at 06h00, and then we can broadcast till it does go off at least getting in some morning drive if possible. And then for the afternoon we will be out there ready and waiting at 16h00 to go out on drive for the last 2 hours, if the electricity comes on at the right time hopefully. So that is the plan for Wednesday folks.

See you all soon then.

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