Tuesday, May 4, 2010

48 Hours on safari

Induna with the Duiker Kill made
Good Morning all.
Hope you are all having a fantastic day or evening! A wonderful hot day here in the Sabi Sands again. After my Blog about fending Winter off, the weather must have heard and has given us a couple more days of Summer Sunshine –Yay!

There has been lots of staff activity around camp at the moment. Peter arrived yesterday evening very late after having driven through from Nelspruit. He is here to set up some of the equipment in the new vehicle and to get HD ready to go hopefully soon. Good to have him back! Monday was a busy day for all of us: Caroline drove through to Nelspruit in the afternoon to go and collect some new Battery Chargers for the Jigga. Myself and Jared went through to the Hoedspruit area to collect some other car batteries and to do camp shopping, so everyone was keeping busy!

We are also putting up in our camp carpark a shadecloth area for all our cars – so there is still some building and banging going on around the safari.tv camp – never a dull moment!

Sleepy Mixo after a big meal
The boys (Induna and Mixo) are still hanging around the camp and at the house at the moment. Nearly every morning we find tracks either through the carpark, round Marcs house or at our house inside the fence round the cars. Seems they are keeping an eye on us at the moment. One of these mornings, we are going to find Mixo or Induna lying on the concrete next to the pool enjoying the scenery I’m sure!

Sunday’s drives were filled with the Styx pride! We got to some really fantastic time with the ladies from the pride playing in the morning dew and then having a mid morning nap with Patrick and Marc. They also saw a lovely sized herd of Buffalo at the end of drive with a few little ones. In the afternoon the chaps went out and followed up on the Styx ladies and spent some more time with them but unfortunately a little later the batteries gave up and we had to return home.

Jared spent his chat that evening talking to everyone about Frogs in the area and about his favourite frogs in particular. Everyone seemed to really enjoy hearing the calls that they make and seeing photos and pictures about them. Jared thoroughly enjoyed sharing his passion for frogs with everyone he mentioned.

Snouted Cobra Scales
Monday morning Jared and I went out on drive and found a large dazzle of Zebra on Quarantine. They seemed to have moved here from the Aruthusa side some of the rangers are saying and seem to be here to stay for awhile! They obviously like the short sweet grass around the Quarantine area. We also heard of and went to see, not far away, a Snouted Cobra that had been killed (possibly by a Hyena everyone thinks) lying on the road. What a pity to see such a large fully grown cobra like that – but as all things in nature, this is what happens, so we observed and moved on. The rest of our drive was cut short again by batteries but the afternoon drive followed up on the zebra and also saw some wonderful Elephant. Jared ended off the day with the safari.tv diary exerts.

So all in all, a busy few days and lots happening around camp. Stay tuned for my next entry. Kath.

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