Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amazing experiences!

Hi everyone!

Wow! What else can I say but...Wow! Just when you think sightings can't get any better, Karula shows us what a star she is! We were all mesmerised, as we watched her scale the 6m Weeping Boer Bean with the impala she had just killed, in tow. It truly was an amazing experience to have been able to share. The drama was all the more intensified by her giving us a heart stopping moment, when she lost her footing and fell a metre. Taking a few seconds to catch her breath, she continued the tremendous task and eventually secured the carcass 4m above us, just before a herd of elephants arrived browsing by the moonlight. As our focus turned to them, she slipped away to go and find the boys.

The chill in the air has certainly signaled winter is on it's way! Once the sun has risen it brings the animals out from their cosy hiding places! The Vervet monkeys and baboons have been around camp even more in the last few days looking for warmer areas to forage for food. Tawny, the once dominant male of the Gowrie gang, has also been checking in on us as he walks past final control in the mornings!

With the week ending with the 3 youngsters from the Nkuhuma pride, herds of elephants, white tailed mongoose, a wide variety of birds and other mammals and of course Karula, Mixo and Induna. I can't imagine what next week will bring!

Written by Tara and pictures from Safari.TV.

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