Thursday, May 6, 2010

Camp Updates!

And welcome to another Blog for the week. I hope everyone is having a great week so far – already into Thursday it is, and if you work a Monday to Friday week then it’s nearly the weekend for alot of you out there!

Staff have come and gone in the last couple of days! Herman and Marc went on leave on Tuesday night and left in the late hours of the evening to do an overnight drive back to Johannesburg – we hope they have a great leave! Alex and Tara also came back from leave on Wednesday morning and seemed to have lots of fun visiting family and catching leopards!

The new stone paving outside FC
On Tuesday the morning drive went out and found some a few elephant which they viewed for a short while. They then followed up and located some of the Styx males that were on Gowrie Main Road (the sub adults) but the lions moved off into the block and we couldn’t follow. A great way to start the day though. In the afternoon we spent time with a journey of 6 Giraffe of Quarantine (a rare sight indeed) and also bumped into some Elephant toward the end of drive. And after drive Patrick sat in Final Control for awhile to chat about Herbal Remedies in his culture which was very interesting we all thought.

Wednesday morning Tara and Patrick went out to find the Styx lions – we heard them the night before and one of the rangers from Vuyatela found them lying at Room 8 that morning. Getting the guests out of Room 8 for drive was apparently quite an endeavour. So having the lions just outside our doorstep was a treat!!! The afternoon drive with myself and Jared went out to follow up on the lions, but they had moved into such a thick block between our camp and the lodge that we couldn’t view them. So we went out into the concession and found a single old Buffalo Bull at Twin Dams engulfed in flies!

The new carport for our cars
Lots of building and finishing up of things has been going on around camp. We are in the process of building a carport on the one side for our cars to be parked under and shaded which is great! We are also building a small waterhole outside the big window at the new final control so that animals will hopefully come and drink - and then we will be able to view it all from the new final control. And also a slate walkway into the final control area to avoid lots of sand coming into the building. So things are looking good.

Take Care all.


Our new 'waterhole' outside FC

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