Saturday, May 8, 2010

Elephant Week!

Sunrise at Philimon's Cutline
Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are enjoying the weekend where ever you might be!

We are busy busy around camp at the moment installing all sorts into the new vehicle to get it up and running. Radios have been put in, most of the HD equipment and we are working on the tripod and seat today as well as the aerials. So not long now folks hopefully and we will be out there.

On Thursday Jared and I went out in the morning and found the crocodile sunning himself at Buffelshoek Dam again. He definitely seems to be getting more relaxed with the vehicles which is very encouraging and also seems to be sticking around – so this seems to be his new home for now and we are loving it! We also saw some lovely elephant that morning and all bulls at that, so that was a change from seeing the breeding herds that are normally around. In the afternoon, the crew also had a great sighting of elephant and after drive Tara sat down in Final Control and had her ‘one on one’ with the viewers instead of the night drive. A time to ask questions and get to know the crew.

Water Moniter Lizard
at Twin Dams
The batteries do seem to be getting better and we are just about getting through our whole time on game drives which is encouraging. All we need now is for them to charge that little bit more and then we can go out on night drives as well!

Friday started off with Patrick and Caroline going out on drive and finding yet some more elephant! It really is fantastic that we are seeing all these ellies again after having some time last month where we didn’t see any at all. When it rains it pours as the saying goes, or at least the animals are taking it in turns it would seem. This is ellie week. Hopefully next week will be leopard week – we shall see......

The afternoon drive went out in search of the furry elusive creatures but to no avail unfortunately, but they did see some other wonderful birds, general game and hippo on drive. And to end of the day’s activities I spent some time chatting to the viewers about some of the photos I have taken recently: where they were taken, how they were taken and how I finished them off in Photoshop. Hope you all enjoyed that if you watched!

Dazzle of Zebra at Quarantine
Peter has left us to fly back to Cape Town after a whirlwind visit. We hope he had a safe trip and is enjoying being back in Cape Town.

And just to end off for today, a note to all the countries that celebrate Mother’s day tomorrow (Sunday), Happy Mother’s Day to those mom’s out there. I hope it is a special and happy day for you all.

Till next time. Kath.

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