Friday, May 14, 2010

Elephants swimming at Gowrie Dam

Welcome to another Blog everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the week so far.

Will has come to join us for today to see how everything is coming along in camp. Good to have a familiar face in camp!

Wednesday’s drives started out with lots and lots of birds. Tara and Patrick stopped and looked at Guineafowl, Hornbills and Oriel and the list goes on. It was definitely a drive for the birders. The Afternoon with myself and Patrick out there was a fabulous one. We spent time with elephants swimming at Gowrie Dam and then saw a great journey of Giraffe on Gowrie Cutline. We also bumped into Floppy ear, the female Hyena, who looked like she was heavily lactating and to end off the drive with a sighting of Induna at Gowrie Dam briefly before heading home.

Sunrise over Quarantine
Jared did his chat that evening on birds and id’ing them. He had a quiz asking everyone what they thought the bird was and then talking about it. It seemed to go down very well getting everyone to identify the birds and Jared was suitably impressed with everyone's knowledge of the birds around the Djuma area.

Thursday morning Tara and Patrick caught some great white rhino and elephant interaction during the morning. They also saw some Giraffe and had a tyre puncture during the drive which they had to change.

In the afternoon Jared and myself went out on our PM/night safari drive and found great giraffe, 2 of which were sparring toward the end of drive, hippo and baby at Buffelshoek dam, an elephant bull and a quick sighting of a hyena. We then swopped over the cameras and went out on a short night drive, but the bulb in our spotlight blew so we were without an extra light, bit we continued on and found a fully grown puffadder at Gowrie dam crossing the road which was a highlight!

Sunrise through a thicket
Karula’s boys seem to be sticking around at the moment but not much has been seen of mom. As mentioned on the drives though, the boys are still being quite skittish around the vehicles so we haven’t seen them on drives except for the bit of night viewing Patrick and I got of Induna the other night. We shall have to wait and see what is to unfold.

The elephants have been around camp as well lately and we nearly had them all join us for dinner at the house the night before last. The whole herd had congregated right next to the fence and were munching on their own dinner quite happily while we were enjoying ours.

Join me in a couple of days for my next Blog instalment.
Till then Kath.

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