Saturday, May 22, 2010

Half way through the Ranger Race!

Photos taken from footage seen on Ranger Race drives.

Good morning everyone from a lovely weekend day here in Djuma Game Reserve.
The Rangers Race is well underway and we are halfway through it with the third afternoon drive coming up this afternoon. Jared will be driving this afternoon and Tara will be driving tomorrow and then we shall tally up the scores and see who the winner is.

From yesterday’s PM drive with Patrick the mammals found are as follows:
1. Greater Kudu
2. Impala
3. Warthog
4. Dwarf Mongoose
5. Giraffe
6. Hippo
7. Blue Wildebeest
8. Grey Duiker
9. Steenbok
10. Scrub hare
11. Tree Squirrel
12. Human
13. Zebra

A very good score here but Marc is still ahead with his tally so that puts Marc is first place at this point and Patrick in second.

Thursday morning was a great morning out with Jared and Patrick as it was our first morning with an organized school watching from Johannesburg called Eastleigh Primary School. They joined us for the last half of drive and sent in lots and lots of questions and were very enthusiastic about the drive and will be joining us again next week. Jared managed to find a wonderful giraffe and hippo and more general game.
Thursday afternoon was the start of the Rangers Race with Marc where we saw lots of mammals and after 18h00 when Tara switched over the camera to night vision they spotted Induna briefly which was a great end to the day.

Friday started off with Tara and Marc seeing some more general game and they had a great sighting of some Tawny and Bateleur eagles soaring above an area that peaked some interest. Nothing was found though after some thorough looking. The afternoon drive with Patrick and myself was the second leg of the Ranger Race as above.

And Jared ended off the day with his second chat about birds and having the viewers do some identification which seems to be going down really well and everyone is enjoying the challenges of trying to guess the birds.
We started going on drive with the new vehicle on Friday morning with Tara and Marc. I hope everyone is enjoying the new vehicle! We certainly are. Of course with any new addition we need to tweak and fine tune bits here and there as we go, but all in all the new vehicle is out and about and clocking up some Djuma kilometres.

I will be checking in with everyone tomorrow with the next update on the Rangers Race with Jared’s tally.

Stay tuned.

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