Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday's Ranger Race!

Images taken from footage shot on Ranger Race drive

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the next installment of the Ranger Race Blog. Yesterday afternoon it was Jared's turn to get out there and tally up as many mammals as possible on the PM drive for the Ranger Race. Herman was on camera with him and Marc was as usual in final control.

The drive turned into a very exciting one and toward the end Jared was very close to beating Marc's score of mammals. The drive had been very successful so far and with 5 minutes to the end of the drive Jared saw a pair of eyes in the spotlight and thought he had found his last mammal. The clutch of the Jigga then gave out and he couldn't follow up. Would the last crucial minutes of the drive have put Jared in first place?

Let us see:

5.Dwarf Mongoose
14.Small Spotted Genet - (this is still pending as i.d was wrong initially but the viewers i.d'de it correctly before Jared has mentioned the name)
15.Scrub Hare

At this point with the Grey Duiker pending with Marc's drive we could be tied for first place with Jared if the Genet i.d is correct.
This could all be null and void though if Tara this afternoon finds more so who knows at this point what is to happen.
Watch this afternoon to find out!
And I will send out a last Blog tomorrow with the winner and final tally.
See you then.

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