Monday, May 10, 2010

Jackal come to visit!

Curious Dwarf Mongoose
Welcome everyone from another balmy day at Djuma Game Reserve.

I hope all the mothers out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day on Sunday and back to work it is for most this Monday.
Yet another 2 days of elephant has been seen. We really are getting our fix of elephant this week which all of us at camp are enjoying.

Saturday morning we started off with some Hyena, which we haven’t seen in a little while! And elephant at Gowrie Dam. In the afternoon we continued our elephant sightings and saw great general game around the Quarantine area. With the grass at Quarantine having been cut, there really is a lot of game that is sticking around the area at the moment. And we have had visits from other not so common animals that we don’t see very regularly like the Zebra from the other day and Sunday morning’s highlight of Jackal.

Lone Baboon on Quarantine enjoying some bulbs
Saturday night ended off with a ‘one on one’ chat with Caroline out of Final Control. I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Caz a little bit better.

As mentioned Sunday morning’s drive got off to a bang with a great sighting of a pair of Side Striped Jackal on Quarantine. They were so much fun to watch trotting around the area and were very relaxed with the vehicle. We spent quite a bit of time with them and even got a great shot of the sun rising in the background with one of the Jackal sitting in the foreground. Our drive continued with another great sighting of the Styx Pride. We followed them as they walked around the Chela Pan area and did some serious off roading trying to keep up with them. We also ended off the drive with a lovely elephant sighting of a great big bull.

The afternoon drive followed up on the Styx Pride again and spent time with them and also saw some elephant as well. And Tara ended off the day with a roundup of the week’s diaries again for everyone to watch.

Baboon having a scratch
The weekend has also been very busy with us going out on the new vehicle to do some testing filming 3D. Alex has been working very hard to put it all together. As I’m sure some of you know having seen the other vehicle out on some of the drives!

Siphiwe will be going on leave as of tomorrow for a week. How 3 weeks flies by! We hope she has a relaxing bit of time off. And Caroline has also gone on leave; a couple of days early for work, back to Johannesburg so camp is looking decidedly quiet again. So the only faces you will be seeing for the next week or so will be myself, Jared’s, Tara’s, Pat’s and Alex working on his diaries.

Enjoy the day everyone!

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