Monday, May 24, 2010

Last day of the Ranger Race and WINNER!

Hello All and Welcome to the last instalment of the Ranger Race Blog’s. I will also touch on the sightings for the last 2 days as well as go through Tara’s Ranger Race and announce the winner!!

What a whirlwind of the last couple of days with the races happening and everything else in camp that carries on as well.

Myself and Jared will be going on leave as of tomorrow for 2 weeks so we shall see you then! Caroline will be coming back from leave this evening and starting again tomorrow. She has been in Johannesburg for her leave enjoying time with friends and family.

Saturday morning started out fairly chilly with only some elephant being spotted once the sun had come up and warmed everything through. The animals I think are getting just as cold as we are in the morning and need some time to ‘defrost’ before showing themselves in the mornings.

All photos taken from footage on Ranger Race drives.

Saturday afternoon was Jared’s Ranger Race and what an afternoon it was. Filled with lots of excitement toward the end trying to find the last animals but the vehicle wasn’t playing the part and the clutch failed all in the last dying minutes of drive.

Sunday morning started off with Patrick and Jared finding Karula and sat with her for about an hour around the Chela pan area. She looked like she was hunting but didn’t managed to find anything but all in all a great hour spent with the lady we have missed for many weeks. We also managed to see a ‘new’ pride that we don’t get to spend alot of time with and that was after much speculation the Windmill pride. Great to see a new pride in the area and even better to see new lions!
The afternoon was Tara’s turn for the Ranger Race drive and her and Herman raced around until they had managed to find 14 animals before drive was finished:

1. Human
2. Chacma Baboon
3. Warthog
4. Cape Buffalo
5. Impala
6. Nyala
7. Blue Wildebeest
8. Hippo
9. Tree Squirrel
10. Lion
11. Dwarf Mongoose
12. Grey Duiker
13. Scrub Hare
14. African Wildcat

And to end off the day we had the sightings for the week chat with Marc and his guest: A Bonsai Tamboti tree. Great chat around the fire to end the day off with.

And to end the Blog with the results for the Ranger Race:

First Place: Marc = 15 Mammals
Second Place Tied: Jared and Tara = 14 Mammals
Third Place: Patrick = 13 Mammals

A very very close race indeed!

I will be handing over to Tara for the next 2 weeks whilst I am on leave.

See you in 2 weeks folks.


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