Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Leopards are back! (We hope!)

Styx Lioness's playing on the grass

Good morning everyone from a wet and cold camp. It seems the last rain of the season was not 2 weeks ago like we had predicted as we had an amazing downpour last night as if it were summer. And here we sit today not being able to go out on drive because it is still raining outside as I write this. So the weather is seems is not following the seasonal rules at this point. Oh Well – rain is always a good thing in my books regardless of the time of year.

Friday morning myself and Jared went out on the AM drive. For the better part of the drive the animals eluded us but toward the end we had a fantastic herd of Elephant appear and walk across Gowrie Main for us, so we followed. The herd was being trailed by an extremely large elephant bull in musth, so we had to drive at high pace to keep up with them. They eventually managed to evade the large bull and we stuck with him till the end of drive as he pushed along trying to find the herd again.

The afternoon drive also relocated the same herd of elephant which we watched for awhile. Before the sighting we saw the very large water monitor lizard at Twin Dams that was sunning himself as usual on the bank and we also got to see a Bushman’s Tea bush which was a first for Tara.

Rolling Over
Saturday started off with a very chilly morning and I was bundled up on the back of the Jigga with Jared presenting. We saw some great birds that morning as well as some Giraffe, a wonderful sighting of a mom slender mongoose and her pup and right at the end a large herd of Buffalo. All in all, a wonderful diverse morning.

The afternoon drive with Tara and Patrick found Karula sauntering down the road – a great sighting all of us have been yearning to see for awhile. Not much later, Mixo joined her which was even better and all the rangers came to have a look. Everyone has been starved of seeing Karula and Mixo for so long that everyone wanted to come and see them. In the midst of this sighting, Floppy Ear the Hyena stopped by to see what the commotion was all about.
We also saw some more Hyena on the night drive following the sighting of the leopard again. We managed to get a bit of a night drive in straight from the PM drive where we also saw Bob the hippo with a play mate at Buffelshoek dam having a ‘whale’ of a time splashing around.

Impala in the morning sun
Yesterday we had the leopards visit us in camp again during the day. We were all hard at work and heard them ‘sawing’ right outside. We all went to investigate and found 2 of them lying in the drainage line about 30 metres from our new final control. We tried to get some footage on the camera but as soon as they spotted us they moved off. You never know what the day is going to bring!

Have a wonderful one! Till next time. Kath.

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