Sunday, May 2, 2010

A new month!

Moonrise over Weavers Nest Road
Hello everyone!

I see this morning on Facebook that the Blog I wrote 2 days ago has only appeared this morning. I hope that you all managed to read it before this morning as this is obviously already my new Blog and wouldn’t want anyone to get behind J. Herman mentions that his diaries are also taking some time to load onto Facebook but that he has put up a link in the interim whereby you can still watch by clicking on that. So we all hope that you are still able to read and watch everything we are putting out there!

Another month ends and it is now already May. How time flies and we are just around the cornour from the middle of the year. Blink again and it will be Christmas! Well as the saying goes – Time flies when you are having fun and also being in the bush, the days drift by without much notice.

Friday’s drives started off an hour and a half behind schedule as the Water Pump in the Jigga gave up the ghost and we were unable to start the car. We eventually managed to get out there by Jared pulling the Jigga in the new vehicle and Marc and Patrick were towed around Quarantine to do a different sort of game drive to see what was in the area to look at. Caroline who was back from leave (her first day back at that) had to drive to Hluvukani after drive to go and buy us a new part. We changed the old to new when she got back, gave the Jigga a nice talking too and she was ready for action in the afternoon.

Induna with a Duiker Kill
Jared and I then went out and relocated Karula and her boys after they had made a Duiker Kill earlier. We watched Induna in the tree with the kill and Mixo afterwards rolling around in the grass with a full tummy. We spent most of the drive with them and only left once it was too dark to see.

Patrick and Herman had their Bayizani Show that night with some very important guests: some Sangoma Ladies. They came in and did a traditional Sangoma ceremony which was very interesting and thought provoking. Patrick did most of the translating and there was also dancing and drums to get everyone in the mood. Fascinating fireside chat I thought!!

Saturday morning we went out again on drive and everything was hiding from us, even the small animals. Jared and I came back after having driven the whole concession nearly, but everything eluded us sadly. The afternoon drive went out with Marc and Jared this time to try their luck and managed to find some Elephant and a Giraffe as well as a rare sighting of a beautiful Pearl Charax Butterfly!

Beautiful light around Camp
In the evening after drive, Patrick did a ‘post Bayizani’ chat with all the viewers which seemed to be received very well. Lots of questions came in, and many were answered that came in the night before, and Patrick was very happy with the outcome of the chat!

Sunny skies at the moment with a couple of drops of rain here and there but altogether fabulous weather at the moment.

Keep Well everyone! Kath.

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