Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ranger’s Race starts today!

Hello everybody and welcome to my Thursday Blog. Hope the week is going well for everyone!

Well it is D-Day today and the Rangers Race starts this afternoon on the PM drive with Marc presenting first. I hope everyone is up to speed on the rules of the race and what is going to be happening. So we will see you all at 3 O’clock this afternoon for the start of the race. Everyone is looking forward to it in camp and we hope you all are too!

Marc and Herman are back from leave and started work on Wednesday morning. They both had a fabulous time on leave with Marc going down to Cape Town and Herman jet setting off to Namibia for a bit of a road trip.

We are also starting our First Aid training today for 2 days in camp so that everyone is up to speed with what to do in an emergency. Hopefully one should never arise but it is always good to be prepared!

Tuesday was a cold day and the animals were obviously hiding and very cold as for the morning and afternoon drives we didn’t see much. But Jared and I started off the day with some heavy mist that had rolled it and we got some beautiful shots with the sun rising through the mist as we were driving so that was all worth it. It was the coldest drive in the morning to date for us! And we managed to see a very skittish young elephant bull around Buffelshoek Dam and some giraffe which was lovely.

Adult Kudu Bull
The afternoon drive with Tara and Patrick was also a hunt for the animals – they were also hiding for most of the afternoon but we did get to see some great zebra on Quarantine, which had been around for most of the day, so that was good.
And into the combination night drive, they saw some young hyena walking around the Quarantine area and stopped to have a look at a little scrub hare which are always fun to watch.

On Wednesday morning Marc and Herman being back from leave went out on the Jigga for their first drive back after leave. And what a first drive it was!! They spent time with a few of the Styx pride members that had been found early on and also managed to view a Cheetah mom and her elder cub that had been found on Impala plains.

What a sighting to see cheetah again which we haven’t seen in ages!! And also to see them trying to hunt some impala that were in the area as well. Great start to the day!! All of us back at camp were huddled round the computer watching in envy at what the 2 of them were witnessing.

Vervet Monkey around Camp
The afternoon drive with myself and Jared brought us back to the Styx pride. Jared managed to locate the pride again off Cheetah plains and we spent about an hour with them. We then went to try and relocate the cheetah from the previous drive in the morning but they had moved off not long before we arrived and we couldn’t find them again. The evening got quite cold and the drive drew to a close.

And the Bayizani show with Patrick finished off the day with a guest from Vuyatela Lodge. One of the guides that came to chat about the animals and their histories and what they have been seeing lately. Great to have some of the guides from the other lodges coming on to chat!

No sign of the leopard boys around camp at the moment – they seem to have left our laundry on the line alone for the time being but the baboons and vervet monkeys are strolling around the place as usual paying us visits!

See you all on Monday for my next Blog. Kath.

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