Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The smaller things......

Impala Ram

Hello everyone! Welcome from a quiet camp at Djuma. Quiet in the sense of staff that is. There are still only a few of us at camp at the moment but we are all keeping very busy. Also the Jigga and the signal never let us rest so we are always on our toes making sure everything is 100%.

Monday morning started off with the Styx Pride being spotted again. We are loving the amount of time we have been able to spend with the lions at the moment. Tara also saw that morning an amazingly large Waterbuck bull. Seeing the large antelope rams and bulls always are a sight and treat – they really are very majestic and awe inspiring with those large horns.

The afternoon and night drive we tried to combine that evening, as we haven’t been able to go out on many night drives as of late. By taking out the night camera, we want to swop over when the light fades away and try and do a mini night game drive into the evening until the batteries run out of steam, but alas Monday night it was not meant to happen and many things out of their own accord started to go awry all at the same time. We had to cancel the drive due to cable failure for the cameras but we sat and chatted in FC for a little while after whilst Alex and Jared sorted out the issue.

Impala Ewe looking on
We are still wanting to give this afternoon and night drive combination a go so be sure to stay tuned for the next afternoon drive we do when there isn’t a Fireside Chat scheduled.

Tuesday morning started off with a bang seeing Mixo stalking Impala in some very tall grass, but they cottoned on to him and started snorting and he ran off into the grass not to be seen again. We had a great drive for the small things and stopped for flowers, birds and saw a giraffe towards the end.

The afternoon / night drive with Tara and Patrick came across a very unsettled herd of Elephants and the two of them were nearly charged by the matriarch of the herd. Luckily Tara sorted the female elephant out with a stern word and things seemed too settled down. They also toward the end of drive managed to see Whitecloth the leopard and her cub – a rare sighting indeed! But due to the batteries on the Jigga not having been charged as we had a power failure that day we had to end drive early. Tara did spend the rest of her time chatting to everyone in final control about the afternoon’s happenings.

Vervet Monkey Baby
Karula’s boys are around at the moment but we haven’t seen them out on drive much. They have been very elusive but are hanging around camp and we see them quite regularly walking past the cars or munching on towels they have stolen off the washing lines. Hopefully soon they will let us view them on drive properly again!

Have a wonderful rest of your days everyone.

Till next time. Kath.

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