Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday's Ranger Race

Good Morning everyone.

After yesterday's Ranger Race with Marc presenting, Tara on Camera and Herman in Final Control this is the tally of Mammals:

Once again the viewers were only allowed to i.d the mammals that were seen on drive and Marc only had to give as much information as possible to help with the identfication.

1. Human
2. Warthog
3. Impala
4. Steenbok
5. Hippo
6. Cape buffalo
7. Blue wildebeest
8. Elephant
9. Nyala
10. Giraffe
11. White rhino
12. Dwarf mongoose
13. Scrub hare
14. Spotted hyena
15. Grey duiker ??? (We are still in debate about this and need to clarify the i.d watching the footage)
16. Bush baby

Thank you to all who were involved and stay tuned for this afternoon's race with Patrick presenting, Kathryn on Camera and Marc in Final Control.


(Images taken off the footage from drive)

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