Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smoky Days.

Hello everyone from a still very smoky Sabi Sands.

On the way home last night myself, Jared and Sebastian managed to get a good look at the fires up close as they were burning (Buffleshoek Management) we think not more than 1km from our house – the sky was filled with smoke creating a pinky orange haze with flames in the distance licking up the trees. The smoke obviously had an effect then on the moon that was rising not far off turning it into this deep russet orange colour – absolutely eerie but beautiful.

The camp has turned slightly quiet for the time being with most of the gents having gone back to JHB and Lydenberg respectively to get ready to come back next week (or maybe even this weekend) for the rest of the 3D instalment.

Pete Braat however is still in camp and will be here for the duration of Alex’s leave – this makes the rest of us very happy in the knowledge that we have a sound technical ‘chap’ here on the ground in case things should go awry.

Monday morning out on drive, when the rain had let up, saw a dazzle of Zebra with Tara and on the way back 2 White backed vultures.

The afternoon drive with myself and Jared again went out with the dark clouds looming ahead looking very threatening. The rain held up till about 1 hour into drive and we had to rush home as the drops came down. On the way after switching the camera and everything else off we caught a brief glimpse of Mixo stalking in the grass. When we came out again after the rain had stopped we looked for him but no luck but did find some elephant and a crash of 4 white rhino on Quarantine – very unusual and excellent.

Tuesday the weather had let up somewhat and we started off the day with some white rhino again, as well as some hippo, zebra and giraffe.

And in the afternoon with Afke out on her first proper full drive on camera, we saw some Buffalo to start as well as some very unsettled elephant which were trumpeting all over the show on Mvubu road near Gowrie dam. They gave Mixo such a fright (he was hiding in the bushes) that he jumped out and ran away, giving us a sighting of him as well which was great.

Apart from drives, the staff village next door to us has been quite noisy lately with the sounds of children. As it is school holidays for everyone in the country at the moment due to the Soccer world cup, the children and families of the staff from Vuyatela are all here to visit. Here are some photos when I went to the staff village to say hello to them all.

Till next time...


Monday, June 28, 2010

A welcome surprise: Rain!

Hello everyone and welcome from a very odd weathered Sabi Sands. It rained early this morning for the first time in months. This is very strange as we are in our Winter season at the moment, and our dry season, so to have rain and dark stormy clouds overhead is very odd indeed. Not that we are complaining in the least as a short burst of rain in the dry season would be an enormous help to the dams and reserve! So we hope it stays for a few days and replenishes the land.

There is still some hustle and bustle around camp with everyone still here working furiously on the 3D rig with the exception of Alex who left today to go on leave. He will be gone for 2 weeks and is driving around the country visiting family and friends. Sebastian is on his own now with the editing and doing a sterling job so far.

Saturday’s drives started off with Jared and Herman finding a single bull Buffalo along their travels. Whilst they were out looking for animals a herd of elephant came down to the dam for a drink as well a giraffe and her baby. I let Jared know and the guys came round to the dam for a better look and we were able to spend some more time with the elephants and the giraffe. We also saw some beautiful little bee eaters around the dam as well enjoying the morning sun.

In the afternoon Tara found some more elephant on drive and spent some time with them.

Sunday morning started off with Jared and myself finding some general game. The drive as a whole was a little quiet but we still saw some wonderful giraffe and the same beautiful little bee eaters again. It was also a different drive in that Afke swopped with myself 2 hours into drive to try her hand at the camera and spent the last hour with Jared experiencing being behind the camera.

The afternoon drive with Patrick and Herman spotted some elephant again and saw a few birds as well. They came back at 18h00 to be ready for the fireside chat that was happening later with Tara. She went through the weekly safari highlights as per every Sunday night where we sit down and discuss the great sightings of the week. It already seems so far away the whole 4 male lion coalition sighting that we saw and all the hub and fuss around that but yet it was only the beginning of this last week. Toward the end of chat Sebastian came on and chatted about his first 10 days or so with

We also had a wonderfully sighting of one of the boys yesterday at Gowrie Dam during the day. Siphiwe heard the Egyptian geese alarm calling and panned the camera to find a leopard sleeping on the other side of Gowrie Dam. He must have stayed for about an hour or so before he woke up and moved off past the wall into the drainage line on the other side. What a wonderful sighting to have in the middle of the day!

I’ll see you all again in a couple of days.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The elephants are back!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blog for the week. It is the weekend again and how the week has flown by!

It is busy busy in camp at the moment with everyone here: Will Fox, Graham and Emily Wallington and Peter Braat. All hands are on deck with the new 3D rig that is emerging as the day’s go by.

Thursday morning started off with Tara and Herman finding Mixo and staying with him for awhile soaking up the emerging morning sun. They also came across a herd of elephant, so it seems this week we are seeing more and more ellies which all of us are very happy about!

The afternoon drive was also a good one with some buffalo being spotted around the Gowrie Dam area and also a small dazzle of Zebra and a Giraffe.

T he days are much warmer at the moment with us almost walking around in ‘Spring’ wear but the mornings and evenings are still very chilly and they remind us that we are still in Winter at the moment. Nothing compares to the icy cold weather of last week though

One of the 4 male lion

Yesterday’s drives began well again with a sighting of Mixo. It seems he is making up camp around the Western Gowrie area and specifically around Gowrie Dam. As it has been mentioned at this point with the beginning separation between cubs and mother, that Induna seems to be spending less time around the Gowrie area and is wandering around a bit more and that Mixo is being seen alot more and might be looking at establishing his territory around Western Gowrie. We would all be very pleased if one of the boys decided to stay with us, and for the mean time at least they still do spend a little time together so the era of Mixo and Induna as a pair are not quite over just yet.

In the afternoon Jared and myself went out and found some elephant again. We also looked for the buffalo that were around Gowrie dam earlier but they had wandered off into the bushes below the Vuyatela rooms and we were unable to see them. We found some Guineafowl at the dam and wondered if Mixo might come around later to make a meal of one of them?!

And Jared ended off the evening with a fireside chat about medicinal uses of some plants and bush teas as well. Jared made and drank some red bushwillow tea which Herman finished off he liked it so much, as well as trying to eat some Guarri bush seeds like the Baboons do and trying some Silver Cluster leaf leaves that are supposed to have numbing effects for a sore throat.

We then had a great get together around the fire with the whole team after the fireside chat with some lamb chops on the ‘braai’ after a day’s work in the bush.

As the coalition of the 4 male lion have moved out of the area, the rest of the game are emerging and we are getting to see some other animals around which is great!

And that’s it for today folks.

Join me again in a couple of days for my next Blog.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mixo and the Lions.

1 of the 4 male lions

Hello everyone. Hope you have had a good week so far.

Tuesday morning with Jared and Alex out and about went well. They followed up on the 4 males from the previous day and found them still devouring the Buffalo carcass in the same spot from the night before. (Afke actually said she could hear the crunching all night from her room as they are not far from us – just a mere 200m as the crow flies across the drainage line.) Mixo wasn’t far behind the next bush as they pulled out of the lion sighting – he was crouching and slinking around the area sussing out the meat left over and I think wondering if he could get a morsel or two. We watched him for a bit and then he moved off like a clever cat away from the lions.

The afternoon drive with Tara and Herman saw the same males finishing off the kill and Mixo not far behind again. It seems we see the two together at the moment. The 4 big male lions with Mixo not too far behind. On the way home Tara and Herman also came across a very sweet Pearl Spotted Owlet perched on a branch.

Mixo at Gowrie Dam

Wednesday started off with Tara and Herman following up on the carcass left by the lion from the day before. They came across some Hyena that eventually had their turn at scavenging for any leftover meat. They also saw Mixo at the carcass looking for his leftovers as well.

On the afternoon drive with Patrick and myself we found the lion quite far from where they had the buffalo kill lying against a termite mound still trying to work off the many kilos of meat they had consumed. Flat cats digesting. We then went in search of Mixo who had been seen around Gowrie Dam but he had moved off by the time we got there and we didn’t get to see him. There were beautiful skies later on in the distance from the fires burning somewhere else in the reserve. Some of the land owners are burning fire breaks during the winter time to protect their land from potential breakout fires.

And the Fireside chat last night was a big highlight for everyone. Herman and Alex have been working on the New water pump in Dixie footage and content with Graham for quite awhile now. Herman sat round the fire with Rexon and Patrick and spoke about the change the new water pump has made to Dixie and how it all came about. Together with the chat we showed the clip Alex had put together of everyone and their thoughts on the big change. What a wonderful video and chat about what Rexon together with WE Angels have been doing in Dixie. It made everyone very happy and from what I could see on chat the viewers loved it and were really behind the whole project!

The same Lion part of the coalition of 4

Other than the game drives at the moment everyone is working hard in camp and working on the Jigga trying to give it a small facelift with some new parts.

And that’s all for now folks.

Till next time.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lion, Lion everywhere!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are back at work this week refreshed!

On the ‘home’ front these past 2 days Sebastian has been settling in nicely and I hope is starting to feel like part of the team.

We were sitting round the fire after Herman’s fireside chat last week and realized at that point that we had a diversity of nations huddled together: Sebastian from Gabon, Afke from Holland, the 2 girls that were here for the fireside chat were from America, Alex from Russia and the rest of us from South Africa. What a great diversity of countries and a very varied team at that.

Tara is back from leave today after having been to England to visit family and friends. Marc left this morning for his leave and is going back home.

And today Bafana Bafana is playing France!! We are all holding thumbs in camp in the hope that our team does well and plays their socks off!!!

With regards to game drives: We started Sunday morning off (Father’s day) with a fairly quiet drive but at the end we came into a sighting of one of the Styx younger males that was on his own calling. He is the one that has a slightly injured shoulder it looks like but seems to be doing ok.

Zebras on Quarantine

In the afternoon with Jared and Herman, they followed up on the male from earlier and found the whole Styx pride. After spending some time with him they moved on to Buffelshoek Dam and found the herd of elephant we have been seeing lately as well as a single Buffalo Bull drinking and Mixo the male leopard around the dam as well!

And the fireside chat for Sunday was as always the safari highlight chat of the week with Patrick who talked about all the wonderful things we had seen for the past few days.

Monday morning with Marc and Herman was also filled with animals. They saw the same herd of elephant again as well as a brief sighting of Rhino. They also managed to see the some of the Gijima pride which was great to see some new lion faces.

Sunrise on Quarantine

In camp just as they came back, the rest of us that were enjoying our breakfast heard some lions not far from camp, probably 200m away or so calling. There really is no better sound than many lion calling to make you really feel like you are in the bush, whilst you sip your morning cup of tea.

The afternoon with myself and Jared had the most amazing drive! We followed up on the lions from the morning and from Jared’s great tracking skills managed to find them on a buffalo kill. Round the cornour we found some more lion and discovered that it was the 4 male lions that had had the fight with the Mapogo’s. The Mancingelana’s with a female as well. We watched them for quite awhile and then left them to carry on devouring the kill. We moved on to Gowrie Dam to watch some Hippo mating which was very interesting to watch and then on the dam wall as we pulled away was Induna and then Mixo playing together. What a great drive!!

Keep well and see you soon.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

White Rhino galore!

Two male white rhino fighting

To start off my Blog for this Sunday – I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I hope you all have a happy day. In camp it is just another day in Africa, but we must still wish our fathers in camp: Patrick and Alex, a wonderful day as well!

Tara will be arriving back from leave and Marc will be leaving for his vacation this week coming. So a bit of a swop around as everyone takes their turn to have some well deserved time off.

Along the game drive front for the last 2 days: Friday was fruitful with the morning drive out with Marc and Herman seeing a herd of Elephant, some White Rhino, the Sytx Pride briefly and an excellent start to the morning with some activity at the dam: there was some commotion with 2 male Egyptian geese that were fighting very seriously on the one side of the dam. Whilst the commotion was going on, one goose came out of the dam and out of the bush near it jumped Induna and pounced on it. Induna then proceeded to eat it for breakfast and only in the last minutes of mostly just feathers remaining did Mixo come onto the scene to retrieve a morsel. All this happened with the infrared light at Gowrie Dam whilst it was still dark with Marc watching in Final Control. What a way to start the day!

Sunrise over Quarantine

The fireside chat for the evening was hosted by Herman. He, on his travels to Dixie lately, had discovered that there were some American students living and volunteering within some of the houses in Dixie. He brought them onto the show to find out more about Dixie life and living with families and what they do on a daily basis etc. A very interesting show to see how cultures are coming together from all over the world to spend time with other. Excellent.

Saturday’s drives started off with myself and Jared finding some Rhino about an hour into our drive. For me the sighting that we then witnessed was a first experience and one that was apparently quite rare to see. A large male and female rhino had been approached by a younger male, and the older male was being challenged. The fighting that had started before we arrived, and long into when we were there, was about dominance and territory. Both male rhinos were cut up and bleeding badly but they continued with the younger male always coming back for more. We left them after awhile grazing but I think the battle was not over by far. Very interesting interaction. We also came across 2 old buffalo boys and at the end of drive a small herd of elephant. A morning for the Pachyderms.

The afternoon drive with Marc and Herman came across the Styx pride where they spent some time and also saw some Rhino as well. It seems this is the month for White Rhino at the moment as the sightings have been very good.

So alot has been going on with drives a buzz at the moment.

Chat soon


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sebastian Arrives!

Morning and Welcome to another Blog! Well Bafana Bafana didn’t have the best night in history the night before last ending the match with a 0-3 loss against Uruguay. But it isn’t all over for the boys as they still have France to play in a couple of days. But the pressure is certainly on to win as this is our last chance of survival in the World Cup!

Sebastian has joined the team as of yesterday. He will be fulfilling the roll of Junior Editor to Alex and will be doing the diaries as well as many other jobs on the editing side of things. He arrived to a very chilly Sabi Sands at the moment with the cold front that is here, but the weather can only get better we hope! Sebastian is originally from Libreville in Gabon (Central Africa) where he was born and grew up. He has got a background in African wildlife conservation and in tourism. He has been working as a Tour Guide in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana for the past 4 years and he has recently joined the wildlife filmmaking industry. He has been working on a Great White Shark documentary in Cape Town called “Swimming Scared” and from there has joined us as part of the Safari TV crew.

First Aid Course Scenarios: Tara trapped under a car
I also managed to get some pictures from Marc of the First Aid course we did a couple of weeks ago. It was an excellent course training us in the level 1 first aid for the wilderness so not your typical level 1 first aid course. Lots of hands of training and scenarios were done as you can see! Very informative and very entertaining as well for us.

Game drives started off on Wednesday with Marc and Herman finding some Buffalo and Giraffe and a rare sighting of a Hornbill catching and eating a scorpion – a different highlight! The afternoon drive with Jared and myself went out and we saw a crash of 2 adult White Rhino and around the next cornour a journey of Giraffe. And on cheetah cutline a little later, a dazzle of Zebra!

Herman strapped into a spine board
Marc ended of the day with his show of reMarcable creatures for a half hour in final control.

Thursday morning with Jared and Myself again on drive presented us with a start of 4 dagga buffalo boys trundling across quarantine to Gowrie Dam. Toward the end of drive we found after much ‘bundu’ bashing a small herd of elephant amongst a large herd of buffalo which was a great end to the drive.

The afternoon drive was very fruitful with Marc and Herman finding Karula who was calling. And the next minute Mixo and Induna came out and were met with snarls and not much enthusiasm – is this the separation starting between mom and cubs? They also saw some elephant aswell and came back later than usual after an exciting drive.

Alex and Herman using a BVM on Kathryn
Join me soon for another instalment soon.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa's Day Today

Good day all from a very chilly Sabi Sands. There have been rumours about a cold front making its way up the coast over the last couple of days and it has finally arrived at Djuma. This morning was a very chilly 2.3 degrees Celsius outside. I must say I’m a bit nervous about going on drive this afternoon = will have to bundle up to the maximum to keep warm

Apart from the chilly weather it is Youth Day today in South Africa. So to all the ‘youths’ out there – hope you are having a fantastic youth day and to everyone a great public holiday!

Today is also the second Bafana Bafana soccer game against Uruguay tonight – so everyone hold thumbs for our team and hope they do well!!

In camp the team a couple of days ago extended the mast outside the new Final Control. Everyone got involved and Herman was up on the roof fixing the guidelines for the mast. Afke took some photos for us to have a look at.

And on the game drive front: Monday morning was a fruitful morning with us starting the drive early as Mark and Herman had spotted Induna on Galago Shortcut road. We managed to keep up with him for awhile and then went into a bad area for signal before he met up with Mixo and played around a little before moving off. Not a bad way to start the morning! The guys also saw a lovely herd of elephant at Buffelshoek dam at the end of drive.

In the afternoon myself and Jared went out and spent some time with 2 Dagga Buffalo Bulls at Gowrie dam and watched the flies pester the two of them. We tried to follow up on a sighting of Cheetah on Buffelshoek. They were making their way onto the Djuma side when they decided to rest and fall asleep under a tree about 1 km from the road so we couldn’t view them unfortunately.

Tuesday morning Patrick was back and him and Herman went out and found some white rhino that morning. It was a lovely hot day that day as well. The afternoon went out with Marc and Jared and they spotted another white rhino pair but this pair was a mom and around 5 month old calf. Very very sweet to watch. What a curious little thing.

That is all for today.

See you all in two days time for another update.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Good sightings!

Hello everyone from a warmer camp today. The last few days have been interesting with some great sightings – it seems Western Gowrie goes through stages of quietness and then everything comes out to play.

Saturday started off with a very misty morning with condensation everywhere. Mark and Jared went out to follow up on Karula from the night before but weren’t able to locate her. They did however find some giraffe to stop and look at.

The afternoon drive with Jared and Herman had a surprise on tow in the name of Afke who went along to experience a drive first hand in the passenger seat. What a lovely difference it was having a passenger for a change in the vehicle. They saw some Buffalo at Buffelshoek dam later on in the drive with some fascinating interaction between some hippo and the buffalo’s. All vying for a spot of space at the dam. They also found some white rhino early on with a few excellent raptors seen flying overhead and to end the drive they found Karula and followed her for awhile before losing her in a thick thicket.

Old Bull Giraffe
Later that night after Afke had gone to bed; there were roars to be heard around Gowrie Dam. The Styx pride appeared and were seeming to wait for their lost pride member. The sickly lioness appeared out of the bushes and there was a great reunion with everyone coming to say hello. They then disappeared off into the darkness after a lengthy time spent at the dam – what a great sighting.

Sunday morning was spend with Jared and myself out looking to follow up on the lions from the night before – we found lots and lots of tracks but no lions as they had passed through the block and headed off into Simbambili from the night before. We also tried to locate and follow up on some leopard tracks but the leopards were eluding us as well. A lovely drive out in any case driving round and tracking.

The afternoon with Marc and Herman was spent looking for Elephant and lo and behold they managed to bump into some ellies just before the drive was to end. We managed to watch them for a little while before the light got too bad and before they headed back to camp.

To end off the day Jared did a sightings Fireside chat about what was seen in the week and what special sightings in particular took his fancy.

Apart from drives, Patrick will be back tomorrow from leave! Hope he is well rested and ready to go!

See you all this afternoon out on drive.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhino, Rhino everywhere

Ominous cloudy morning over Gowrie Main
Welcome everyone to another Blog on Saturday. A weekend day for everyone out there that does a Monday to Friday job. Another day in the bush for us!

The soccer World Cup has hit the country with a vengeance and yesterday was the kickoff and opening ceremony. All went well and was a great success and South Africa’s Bafana Bafana team managed to hold their own against Mexico with a 1-1 draw at the end of play. Yay!! We can only wait to see what is in store!

Thursday morning started out with Jared and myself finding some White Rhino to stop and look at. After that we saw an old male giraffe that had many ‘war wounds’ and looked battered but still in good shape. Dark markings, torn ear, bald patch on the head and no left eye. It was also overcast and mizzy with a cold front that had blown in overnight.

Morning Sunrising over Gowrie Main, Cheetah Cutline Junction
The afternoon drive was a flurry of activity at Gowrie Dam with myself directing. Marc and Herman went out and managed to see some White Rhino again but at the dam was a great journey of 7 Giraffe playing on the dam wall and then later Mafufunyane strolling on the water’s edge and making his way to Inge’s house with a hyena trailing not far behind. Marc followed up for the last hour of drive and only on his way back to camp after having signed off did they get a brief glimpse of Mafufunyane hiding behind some bushes.

Patrick will be coming back from leave next week so we will have another Presenter on board with Marc and Jared. And Tara is still off in the UK visiting family and friends at this point.

To continue with drives on Friday morning, Marc and Herman found the Styx lioness that was wandering on her own as well as some Buffalo and the troop of Baboons (The Gowrie Gang). On PM drive Jared and Marc found Karula and spent a little bit of time with her toward the end of drive as well as seeing some Buffalo that had separated from that large herd earlier in the day.

White Rhino at Chela Pan
The Buffalo had made their way down to Gowrie Dam in their hundreds to quench their thirst before lunch – what an amazing sight that was too see!

And to end of the day I did my Photography fireside chat and went through some recent photos taken and Photoshop tips to go with them. Hope everyone enjoyed that.

See you in 2 days for my next Blog and enjoy the soccer games!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Seasons

Hello everyone! I hope the last 2 weeks have been brilliant and full with wonderful sightings. It is good to be back in the bush and Jared and I are happy to be away from the ‘madness’ of the soccer fever that is happening in the cities at the moment. However we so would have loved to watch Bafana Bafana (our South African team) play so hopefully we will be keeping up with the goings on via TV and Radio. The opening ceremony is on Friday!!

Apart from the soccer mad country out there, we came back to a very different looking Sabi Sands after 2 weeks. The bush has got browner and the beautiful colours of the changing leaves are everywhere: Russet Reds, Orange Yellows, Shades of Beige and Brown – I love this stage of the year where the bush comes alive in a whole different way.
The sightings have been minimal the last few days – with the weather changing and the cold winds blowing, I’m sure some of the animals are huddled under their trees not wanting to come out and play.

White Rhino
Jared’s and my first drive back started off fairly quiet but the last hour of drive we found 2 White Rhino which was great and even better round a few corners later we bumped into Mafufunyane, the male Leopard. That was exciting to see as neither of us had seen him before. The afternoon drive with Marc and Herman saw Karula toward the end – great to catch up with her again!

Wednesday morning Marc and Jared went out and spent some time looking at the fauna and flora, some general game and birds as well. And Jared and I finished off the drives for the day with a bit of a bird drive! We saw some White Rhino again as well. The afternoon was smoky and the air was filled with drifting pieces of ash from the nearby fires in Kruger. They are bush burning at the moment as it is prime time to burn in Winter. The whole afternoon felt a bit on edge and very desolate – we think a bit of an ominous atmosphere with the fires so close.

Misty morning sunrise
Herman finished off the day with his fireside chat about things past and present. He spoke about the different cameras we have used and gone through over the past few years and stories and incidents that have happened that him and the viewers could remember and reminisce over. Everyone enjoyed it alot.

So from a chilly, windy and smoky Djuma at the moment – have a great couple of days and hope you will all be watching the soccer tomorrow!!

Go Bafana Bafana!!

Old male giraffe

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome Afke!

Hi everyone!

Our newest member of the team, Afke, is finding her feet behind the Apple Mac and even shared some of her highlights with us on Wednesdays fireside chat. Bringing a series 2A Land rover with her, the count is up to 6 Land rovers in camp now! A scrub hare has taken to sheltering under it, the vervet monkeys enjoy playing on it, the female grey duiker, who has been visiting the small pan by final control, doesn't seem too phased by the new addition though!

A juvenile Martial eagle has been terrorising the local flock of guinea fowl, the hippos have been playing musical dams all week, while searching for new grazing areas. Marc counting 14 on one drive! We watched as in amazement as Induna successfully caught a guinea fowl, after scaring the roosting birds out of the trees, a juvenile didn't have the strength to become air born again. An opportunity Induna had been waiting for!

The highlight this week has been spending quality time with the breeding herd of buffalo, which number over 200 at least! Observing sparing between young bulls, play between calves, heart warming moments between mothers and offspring, even grazing adults forgetting we were there and walking next to the jigga. We shared a special moment when a small calf was so deep in slumber, it hadn't realise the herd had moved on. An old bull stood guard, patiently awaiting its return to reality. After awaking with a start, it immediately ran for the safety of the bull before calling for it's mother.

This is the last Blog from me for a while. As Kath and Jared return from leave, I head back to the UK to spend some quality time with my family!
Take care and see you all when I return!

Written by Tara Pirie

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goodbye Caroline

Friends, it is my sad duty to let you know that Caroline is leaving
It would be inappropriate for me to add details, but I can say that we all wish her the very best of luck for her future career.
After the fire side show last night we all got together around the fire for a farewell braai to say good bye and have all left as friends.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Caroline for her time with and I am confident that she will have great success in returning to her first love of Motor Sport broadcasting.

Written by Will Fox