Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Seasons

Hello everyone! I hope the last 2 weeks have been brilliant and full with wonderful sightings. It is good to be back in the bush and Jared and I are happy to be away from the ‘madness’ of the soccer fever that is happening in the cities at the moment. However we so would have loved to watch Bafana Bafana (our South African team) play so hopefully we will be keeping up with the goings on via TV and Radio. The opening ceremony is on Friday!!

Apart from the soccer mad country out there, we came back to a very different looking Sabi Sands after 2 weeks. The bush has got browner and the beautiful colours of the changing leaves are everywhere: Russet Reds, Orange Yellows, Shades of Beige and Brown – I love this stage of the year where the bush comes alive in a whole different way.
The sightings have been minimal the last few days – with the weather changing and the cold winds blowing, I’m sure some of the animals are huddled under their trees not wanting to come out and play.

White Rhino
Jared’s and my first drive back started off fairly quiet but the last hour of drive we found 2 White Rhino which was great and even better round a few corners later we bumped into Mafufunyane, the male Leopard. That was exciting to see as neither of us had seen him before. The afternoon drive with Marc and Herman saw Karula toward the end – great to catch up with her again!

Wednesday morning Marc and Jared went out and spent some time looking at the fauna and flora, some general game and birds as well. And Jared and I finished off the drives for the day with a bit of a bird drive! We saw some White Rhino again as well. The afternoon was smoky and the air was filled with drifting pieces of ash from the nearby fires in Kruger. They are bush burning at the moment as it is prime time to burn in Winter. The whole afternoon felt a bit on edge and very desolate – we think a bit of an ominous atmosphere with the fires so close.

Misty morning sunrise
Herman finished off the day with his fireside chat about things past and present. He spoke about the different cameras we have used and gone through over the past few years and stories and incidents that have happened that him and the viewers could remember and reminisce over. Everyone enjoyed it alot.

So from a chilly, windy and smoky Djuma at the moment – have a great couple of days and hope you will all be watching the soccer tomorrow!!

Go Bafana Bafana!!

Old male giraffe

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