Saturday, June 26, 2010

The elephants are back!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blog for the week. It is the weekend again and how the week has flown by!

It is busy busy in camp at the moment with everyone here: Will Fox, Graham and Emily Wallington and Peter Braat. All hands are on deck with the new 3D rig that is emerging as the day’s go by.

Thursday morning started off with Tara and Herman finding Mixo and staying with him for awhile soaking up the emerging morning sun. They also came across a herd of elephant, so it seems this week we are seeing more and more ellies which all of us are very happy about!

The afternoon drive was also a good one with some buffalo being spotted around the Gowrie Dam area and also a small dazzle of Zebra and a Giraffe.

T he days are much warmer at the moment with us almost walking around in ‘Spring’ wear but the mornings and evenings are still very chilly and they remind us that we are still in Winter at the moment. Nothing compares to the icy cold weather of last week though

One of the 4 male lion

Yesterday’s drives began well again with a sighting of Mixo. It seems he is making up camp around the Western Gowrie area and specifically around Gowrie Dam. As it has been mentioned at this point with the beginning separation between cubs and mother, that Induna seems to be spending less time around the Gowrie area and is wandering around a bit more and that Mixo is being seen alot more and might be looking at establishing his territory around Western Gowrie. We would all be very pleased if one of the boys decided to stay with us, and for the mean time at least they still do spend a little time together so the era of Mixo and Induna as a pair are not quite over just yet.

In the afternoon Jared and myself went out and found some elephant again. We also looked for the buffalo that were around Gowrie dam earlier but they had wandered off into the bushes below the Vuyatela rooms and we were unable to see them. We found some Guineafowl at the dam and wondered if Mixo might come around later to make a meal of one of them?!

And Jared ended off the evening with a fireside chat about medicinal uses of some plants and bush teas as well. Jared made and drank some red bushwillow tea which Herman finished off he liked it so much, as well as trying to eat some Guarri bush seeds like the Baboons do and trying some Silver Cluster leaf leaves that are supposed to have numbing effects for a sore throat.

We then had a great get together around the fire with the whole team after the fireside chat with some lamb chops on the ‘braai’ after a day’s work in the bush.

As the coalition of the 4 male lion have moved out of the area, the rest of the game are emerging and we are getting to see some other animals around which is great!

And that’s it for today folks.

Join me again in a couple of days for my next Blog.


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  1. Thanks so much for the postings - love the updates and the pictures Kath - much appreciated :-)