Monday, June 14, 2010

Good sightings!

Hello everyone from a warmer camp today. The last few days have been interesting with some great sightings – it seems Western Gowrie goes through stages of quietness and then everything comes out to play.

Saturday started off with a very misty morning with condensation everywhere. Mark and Jared went out to follow up on Karula from the night before but weren’t able to locate her. They did however find some giraffe to stop and look at.

The afternoon drive with Jared and Herman had a surprise on tow in the name of Afke who went along to experience a drive first hand in the passenger seat. What a lovely difference it was having a passenger for a change in the vehicle. They saw some Buffalo at Buffelshoek dam later on in the drive with some fascinating interaction between some hippo and the buffalo’s. All vying for a spot of space at the dam. They also found some white rhino early on with a few excellent raptors seen flying overhead and to end the drive they found Karula and followed her for awhile before losing her in a thick thicket.

Old Bull Giraffe
Later that night after Afke had gone to bed; there were roars to be heard around Gowrie Dam. The Styx pride appeared and were seeming to wait for their lost pride member. The sickly lioness appeared out of the bushes and there was a great reunion with everyone coming to say hello. They then disappeared off into the darkness after a lengthy time spent at the dam – what a great sighting.

Sunday morning was spend with Jared and myself out looking to follow up on the lions from the night before – we found lots and lots of tracks but no lions as they had passed through the block and headed off into Simbambili from the night before. We also tried to locate and follow up on some leopard tracks but the leopards were eluding us as well. A lovely drive out in any case driving round and tracking.

The afternoon with Marc and Herman was spent looking for Elephant and lo and behold they managed to bump into some ellies just before the drive was to end. We managed to watch them for a little while before the light got too bad and before they headed back to camp.

To end off the day Jared did a sightings Fireside chat about what was seen in the week and what special sightings in particular took his fancy.

Apart from drives, Patrick will be back tomorrow from leave! Hope he is well rested and ready to go!

See you all this afternoon out on drive.


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