Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome Afke!

Hi everyone!

Our newest member of the team, Afke, is finding her feet behind the Apple Mac and even shared some of her highlights with us on Wednesdays fireside chat. Bringing a series 2A Land rover with her, the count is up to 6 Land rovers in camp now! A scrub hare has taken to sheltering under it, the vervet monkeys enjoy playing on it, the female grey duiker, who has been visiting the small pan by final control, doesn't seem too phased by the new addition though!

A juvenile Martial eagle has been terrorising the local flock of guinea fowl, the hippos have been playing musical dams all week, while searching for new grazing areas. Marc counting 14 on one drive! We watched as in amazement as Induna successfully caught a guinea fowl, after scaring the roosting birds out of the trees, a juvenile didn't have the strength to become air born again. An opportunity Induna had been waiting for!

The highlight this week has been spending quality time with the breeding herd of buffalo, which number over 200 at least! Observing sparing between young bulls, play between calves, heart warming moments between mothers and offspring, even grazing adults forgetting we were there and walking next to the jigga. We shared a special moment when a small calf was so deep in slumber, it hadn't realise the herd had moved on. An old bull stood guard, patiently awaiting its return to reality. After awaking with a start, it immediately ran for the safety of the bull before calling for it's mother.

This is the last Blog from me for a while. As Kath and Jared return from leave, I head back to the UK to spend some quality time with my family!
Take care and see you all when I return!

Written by Tara Pirie

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