Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lion, Lion everywhere!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are back at work this week refreshed!

On the ‘home’ front these past 2 days Sebastian has been settling in nicely and I hope is starting to feel like part of the team.

We were sitting round the fire after Herman’s fireside chat last week and realized at that point that we had a diversity of nations huddled together: Sebastian from Gabon, Afke from Holland, the 2 girls that were here for the fireside chat were from America, Alex from Russia and the rest of us from South Africa. What a great diversity of countries and a very varied team at that.

Tara is back from leave today after having been to England to visit family and friends. Marc left this morning for his leave and is going back home.

And today Bafana Bafana is playing France!! We are all holding thumbs in camp in the hope that our team does well and plays their socks off!!!

With regards to game drives: We started Sunday morning off (Father’s day) with a fairly quiet drive but at the end we came into a sighting of one of the Styx younger males that was on his own calling. He is the one that has a slightly injured shoulder it looks like but seems to be doing ok.

Zebras on Quarantine

In the afternoon with Jared and Herman, they followed up on the male from earlier and found the whole Styx pride. After spending some time with him they moved on to Buffelshoek Dam and found the herd of elephant we have been seeing lately as well as a single Buffalo Bull drinking and Mixo the male leopard around the dam as well!

And the fireside chat for Sunday was as always the safari highlight chat of the week with Patrick who talked about all the wonderful things we had seen for the past few days.

Monday morning with Marc and Herman was also filled with animals. They saw the same herd of elephant again as well as a brief sighting of Rhino. They also managed to see the some of the Gijima pride which was great to see some new lion faces.

Sunrise on Quarantine

In camp just as they came back, the rest of us that were enjoying our breakfast heard some lions not far from camp, probably 200m away or so calling. There really is no better sound than many lion calling to make you really feel like you are in the bush, whilst you sip your morning cup of tea.

The afternoon with myself and Jared had the most amazing drive! We followed up on the lions from the morning and from Jared’s great tracking skills managed to find them on a buffalo kill. Round the cornour we found some more lion and discovered that it was the 4 male lions that had had the fight with the Mapogo’s. The Mancingelana’s with a female as well. We watched them for quite awhile and then left them to carry on devouring the kill. We moved on to Gowrie Dam to watch some Hippo mating which was very interesting to watch and then on the dam wall as we pulled away was Induna and then Mixo playing together. What a great drive!!

Keep well and see you soon.


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