Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhino, Rhino everywhere

Ominous cloudy morning over Gowrie Main
Welcome everyone to another Blog on Saturday. A weekend day for everyone out there that does a Monday to Friday job. Another day in the bush for us!

The soccer World Cup has hit the country with a vengeance and yesterday was the kickoff and opening ceremony. All went well and was a great success and South Africa’s Bafana Bafana team managed to hold their own against Mexico with a 1-1 draw at the end of play. Yay!! We can only wait to see what is in store!

Thursday morning started out with Jared and myself finding some White Rhino to stop and look at. After that we saw an old male giraffe that had many ‘war wounds’ and looked battered but still in good shape. Dark markings, torn ear, bald patch on the head and no left eye. It was also overcast and mizzy with a cold front that had blown in overnight.

Morning Sunrising over Gowrie Main, Cheetah Cutline Junction
The afternoon drive was a flurry of activity at Gowrie Dam with myself directing. Marc and Herman went out and managed to see some White Rhino again but at the dam was a great journey of 7 Giraffe playing on the dam wall and then later Mafufunyane strolling on the water’s edge and making his way to Inge’s house with a hyena trailing not far behind. Marc followed up for the last hour of drive and only on his way back to camp after having signed off did they get a brief glimpse of Mafufunyane hiding behind some bushes.

Patrick will be coming back from leave next week so we will have another Presenter on board with Marc and Jared. And Tara is still off in the UK visiting family and friends at this point.

To continue with drives on Friday morning, Marc and Herman found the Styx lioness that was wandering on her own as well as some Buffalo and the troop of Baboons (The Gowrie Gang). On PM drive Jared and Marc found Karula and spent a little bit of time with her toward the end of drive as well as seeing some Buffalo that had separated from that large herd earlier in the day.

White Rhino at Chela Pan
The Buffalo had made their way down to Gowrie Dam in their hundreds to quench their thirst before lunch – what an amazing sight that was too see!

And to end of the day I did my Photography fireside chat and went through some recent photos taken and Photoshop tips to go with them. Hope everyone enjoyed that.

See you in 2 days for my next Blog and enjoy the soccer games!!


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