Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smoky Days.

Hello everyone from a still very smoky Sabi Sands.

On the way home last night myself, Jared and Sebastian managed to get a good look at the fires up close as they were burning (Buffleshoek Management) we think not more than 1km from our house – the sky was filled with smoke creating a pinky orange haze with flames in the distance licking up the trees. The smoke obviously had an effect then on the moon that was rising not far off turning it into this deep russet orange colour – absolutely eerie but beautiful.

The camp has turned slightly quiet for the time being with most of the gents having gone back to JHB and Lydenberg respectively to get ready to come back next week (or maybe even this weekend) for the rest of the 3D instalment.

Pete Braat however is still in camp and will be here for the duration of Alex’s leave – this makes the rest of us very happy in the knowledge that we have a sound technical ‘chap’ here on the ground in case things should go awry.

Monday morning out on drive, when the rain had let up, saw a dazzle of Zebra with Tara and on the way back 2 White backed vultures.

The afternoon drive with myself and Jared again went out with the dark clouds looming ahead looking very threatening. The rain held up till about 1 hour into drive and we had to rush home as the drops came down. On the way after switching the camera and everything else off we caught a brief glimpse of Mixo stalking in the grass. When we came out again after the rain had stopped we looked for him but no luck but did find some elephant and a crash of 4 white rhino on Quarantine – very unusual and excellent.

Tuesday the weather had let up somewhat and we started off the day with some white rhino again, as well as some hippo, zebra and giraffe.

And in the afternoon with Afke out on her first proper full drive on camera, we saw some Buffalo to start as well as some very unsettled elephant which were trumpeting all over the show on Mvubu road near Gowrie dam. They gave Mixo such a fright (he was hiding in the bushes) that he jumped out and ran away, giving us a sighting of him as well which was great.

Apart from drives, the staff village next door to us has been quite noisy lately with the sounds of children. As it is school holidays for everyone in the country at the moment due to the Soccer world cup, the children and families of the staff from Vuyatela are all here to visit. Here are some photos when I went to the staff village to say hello to them all.

Till next time...


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