Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa's Day Today

Good day all from a very chilly Sabi Sands. There have been rumours about a cold front making its way up the coast over the last couple of days and it has finally arrived at Djuma. This morning was a very chilly 2.3 degrees Celsius outside. I must say I’m a bit nervous about going on drive this afternoon = will have to bundle up to the maximum to keep warm

Apart from the chilly weather it is Youth Day today in South Africa. So to all the ‘youths’ out there – hope you are having a fantastic youth day and to everyone a great public holiday!

Today is also the second Bafana Bafana soccer game against Uruguay tonight – so everyone hold thumbs for our team and hope they do well!!

In camp the team a couple of days ago extended the mast outside the new Final Control. Everyone got involved and Herman was up on the roof fixing the guidelines for the mast. Afke took some photos for us to have a look at.

And on the game drive front: Monday morning was a fruitful morning with us starting the drive early as Mark and Herman had spotted Induna on Galago Shortcut road. We managed to keep up with him for awhile and then went into a bad area for signal before he met up with Mixo and played around a little before moving off. Not a bad way to start the morning! The guys also saw a lovely herd of elephant at Buffelshoek dam at the end of drive.

In the afternoon myself and Jared went out and spent some time with 2 Dagga Buffalo Bulls at Gowrie dam and watched the flies pester the two of them. We tried to follow up on a sighting of Cheetah on Buffelshoek. They were making their way onto the Djuma side when they decided to rest and fall asleep under a tree about 1 km from the road so we couldn’t view them unfortunately.

Tuesday morning Patrick was back and him and Herman went out and found some white rhino that morning. It was a lovely hot day that day as well. The afternoon went out with Marc and Jared and they spotted another white rhino pair but this pair was a mom and around 5 month old calf. Very very sweet to watch. What a curious little thing.

That is all for today.

See you all in two days time for another update.


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