Monday, June 28, 2010

A welcome surprise: Rain!

Hello everyone and welcome from a very odd weathered Sabi Sands. It rained early this morning for the first time in months. This is very strange as we are in our Winter season at the moment, and our dry season, so to have rain and dark stormy clouds overhead is very odd indeed. Not that we are complaining in the least as a short burst of rain in the dry season would be an enormous help to the dams and reserve! So we hope it stays for a few days and replenishes the land.

There is still some hustle and bustle around camp with everyone still here working furiously on the 3D rig with the exception of Alex who left today to go on leave. He will be gone for 2 weeks and is driving around the country visiting family and friends. Sebastian is on his own now with the editing and doing a sterling job so far.

Saturday’s drives started off with Jared and Herman finding a single bull Buffalo along their travels. Whilst they were out looking for animals a herd of elephant came down to the dam for a drink as well a giraffe and her baby. I let Jared know and the guys came round to the dam for a better look and we were able to spend some more time with the elephants and the giraffe. We also saw some beautiful little bee eaters around the dam as well enjoying the morning sun.

In the afternoon Tara found some more elephant on drive and spent some time with them.

Sunday morning started off with Jared and myself finding some general game. The drive as a whole was a little quiet but we still saw some wonderful giraffe and the same beautiful little bee eaters again. It was also a different drive in that Afke swopped with myself 2 hours into drive to try her hand at the camera and spent the last hour with Jared experiencing being behind the camera.

The afternoon drive with Patrick and Herman spotted some elephant again and saw a few birds as well. They came back at 18h00 to be ready for the fireside chat that was happening later with Tara. She went through the weekly safari highlights as per every Sunday night where we sit down and discuss the great sightings of the week. It already seems so far away the whole 4 male lion coalition sighting that we saw and all the hub and fuss around that but yet it was only the beginning of this last week. Toward the end of chat Sebastian came on and chatted about his first 10 days or so with

We also had a wonderfully sighting of one of the boys yesterday at Gowrie Dam during the day. Siphiwe heard the Egyptian geese alarm calling and panned the camera to find a leopard sleeping on the other side of Gowrie Dam. He must have stayed for about an hour or so before he woke up and moved off past the wall into the drainage line on the other side. What a wonderful sighting to have in the middle of the day!

I’ll see you all again in a couple of days.


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