Sunday, June 20, 2010

White Rhino galore!

Two male white rhino fighting

To start off my Blog for this Sunday – I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I hope you all have a happy day. In camp it is just another day in Africa, but we must still wish our fathers in camp: Patrick and Alex, a wonderful day as well!

Tara will be arriving back from leave and Marc will be leaving for his vacation this week coming. So a bit of a swop around as everyone takes their turn to have some well deserved time off.

Along the game drive front for the last 2 days: Friday was fruitful with the morning drive out with Marc and Herman seeing a herd of Elephant, some White Rhino, the Sytx Pride briefly and an excellent start to the morning with some activity at the dam: there was some commotion with 2 male Egyptian geese that were fighting very seriously on the one side of the dam. Whilst the commotion was going on, one goose came out of the dam and out of the bush near it jumped Induna and pounced on it. Induna then proceeded to eat it for breakfast and only in the last minutes of mostly just feathers remaining did Mixo come onto the scene to retrieve a morsel. All this happened with the infrared light at Gowrie Dam whilst it was still dark with Marc watching in Final Control. What a way to start the day!

Sunrise over Quarantine

The fireside chat for the evening was hosted by Herman. He, on his travels to Dixie lately, had discovered that there were some American students living and volunteering within some of the houses in Dixie. He brought them onto the show to find out more about Dixie life and living with families and what they do on a daily basis etc. A very interesting show to see how cultures are coming together from all over the world to spend time with other. Excellent.

Saturday’s drives started off with myself and Jared finding some Rhino about an hour into our drive. For me the sighting that we then witnessed was a first experience and one that was apparently quite rare to see. A large male and female rhino had been approached by a younger male, and the older male was being challenged. The fighting that had started before we arrived, and long into when we were there, was about dominance and territory. Both male rhinos were cut up and bleeding badly but they continued with the younger male always coming back for more. We left them after awhile grazing but I think the battle was not over by far. Very interesting interaction. We also came across 2 old buffalo boys and at the end of drive a small herd of elephant. A morning for the Pachyderms.

The afternoon drive with Marc and Herman came across the Styx pride where they spent some time and also saw some Rhino as well. It seems this is the month for White Rhino at the moment as the sightings have been very good.

So alot has been going on with drives a buzz at the moment.

Chat soon


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